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I Beg To Differ - bjcotton - 02-10-2008

I think it was in the last America's Test Kitchen where they said the meatloaf pans with the inserts didn't drain properly. From my own experience I can tell you that isn't true. When I bake a meatloaf in one of those pans I put two slices of bread under the insert and they suck up the grease with no problem. The holes don't clog and the grease drains away just fine. I thought I had seen an article in CAH about it, but can't find it.

Re: I Beg To Differ - coco hernandez - 02-10-2008

I agree with you, Billy. I have one of those pans. In the beginning it did clog up but then I read the article in cuisine about meatloaf. It said to mix the meatloaf mixture with two forks to prevent density. Ever since I have been doing that, the grease drains nicely and there has been no problem with the holes clogging up. coco

Re: I Beg To Differ - cjs - 02-10-2008

You tell 'em, Billy! Had one, but got rid of it, just seemed not worth washing two pans...

Re: I Beg To Differ - firechef - 02-10-2008

You mean you're supposed to wash the dishes? The dogs always seem to get them pretty well back to the way they were before we used them...whoops I knew I was missing something in this whole cooking thing...anyone care to come over for dinner?

On a side note the first time Holly came to my house for dinner a few years back we had a wonderful Tequila Lime Garlic Shrimp Linguine but she did the dishes after the meal...I was on crutches at the time with a knee injury...lucky for me we got the dogs shortly thereafter and have not had to wash a dish since!

Re: I Beg To Differ - pink_eagle - 02-10-2008

I don't use a "meat loaf pan"--I personally like to form my loaves into "free form" and bake them in flat pan/oven dish and enjoy the crusty outside on all three sides--any fat from meat is left in bottom on baking dish. Just one opinion.

Re: I Beg To Differ - firechef - 02-10-2008

That is a GREAT idea pink_eagle...I have seen it done but never tried it that way. I'll have to give that a shot at home this week since I am temporarily unemployed and have a better half all smiles at the thought of me cooking at home every night for her.

What do you use for a cooking temperature and time? Any particular recipe you like for cooking a meatloaf this way?

Re: I Beg To Differ - pink_eagle - 02-11-2008

Whatever your favorite meatloaf recipe--I prefer ground chuck and ground pork--but basically for ~2 lbs of meat I actually shape into two loaves--their not "mini" but smaller than most do. I bake my loaves on an uncovered baking pan (metal or glass) for ~1 hour at 350 in the oven. Except for bottom they are slightly "crusty" all around. I love tomatoes but not a big fan of ketchup (go figure) so I use a light chili sauce and brown sugar (or whatever) baste for the last 15 minutes. Yum Yum. So now I will blow it entirely--my DH isn't especially fond of meatloaf--but my FAVORITE lunch at home is cold meatloaf slices on plain ole white bread with plenty of mustard.

Re: I Beg To Differ - pjcooks - 02-11-2008

When I ran the faculty dining room, that was one of my most popular specials: cold meatloaf paninis. Always sold out. Our meatloaves were always free formed, our customers loved lots of crust.