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Chicken Pappardelle Review - HomeCulinarian - 01-19-2008

Made the Chicken Pappardelle with sun dried tomatoes and the Tomato-Broccolini Salad on Thursday. This was a rich meal with the bacon & cream compared to the skinny meatloaf the night before. Cooked the Broccolini with the pasta and that made for less pots on the stove, but lost some broccolini flowers in the process. Next time I would blanch the broccolini separately. It wouldn't have occured to me to put the salad on top of the pasta dish. It was a very nice tangy complement to the rich, creamy sauce.

The calorie count is off because we didn't think 1 cup was a serviing size. The pappardelle pkg was 10 oz instead of 8. Anyway, I'd say it serves 4 for a main meal; so it is a near doubling of the calories - 341 -> 600 +/-, and add 70 for the salad.

So, for the first week with this issue, we've tried the meatloaf, buttermilk mashed potatoes & cauliflower, Chicken papparedellle with broccolini tomato salad, sirloin steak stir fry, Italian chili and the Italian "nachos". Enjoyed every single one! Still to try... braised pork shoulder dinner- need to find some banana leaves - and the cupcakes. This is a very good issue!

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - cjs - 01-19-2008

wow! You're sounding more and more like cjs...

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - HomeCulinarian - 01-19-2008

That's a good thing, right?

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - cjs - 01-19-2008

I'm thinkin so...

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - Gourmet_Mom - 01-19-2008

I think so, too! I wanted to make this next week, but couldn't get the radiccio or the chard. Maybe if weather doesn't get too bad around here I'll still be able to go to "town" while I'm off. We'll see!

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - cjs - 01-19-2008

Daphne, we're having pretty good weather out here, so hopefully some of it will make it do you rather than just all our storms!! fingers crossed.

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - cjs - 01-20-2008

disregard above post - the weathermen are promising us more cold wet/snow weather coming thru, so that's what you'll be getting from us...sorry.

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - Gourmet_Mom - 01-20-2008

Luckily the frozen stuff stayed north of us. It's VERY cold here though...compared to what we're used to...highs in the 30's and low tonight of 19...BRRRR! At least the wet stuff moved out before the cold front. We've got beautiful crisp blue skies today. Good CLEAN air...just COLD!

This means I may be able to go to town by Tuesday and get the stuff for this recipe and some Thai Curry paste so I won't have to make it. Any excuse to go to Fresh Market!

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - esgunn - 02-11-2008

I also made this and we thought it was delicious. The salad is just perfect on top of the dish - really blends some nice flavors. I did not have red wine vinegar, so used 1 tbsp white wine and 1 tbsp balsamic. Really yummy. I blanched the broccolini with the pasta - but kept them whole - did not chop until after they were cooked. No problems. Also pulled them out of the water before straining the pasta.

I used a different pasta - Rotini I think - did not compliment it as well, but the store I went to wanted $7.00 for a package of Paparadelle, and I wasn't going to pay that. Just used what I had on hand. Will make again- especially when I have leftover cooked chicken - maybe Beer can chicken. Really nice way to use some leftovers since the recipe calls for cooked chicken!

Re: Chicken Pappardelle Review - Trixxee - 02-11-2008

I too made this a few weeks ago (also used rotini but I thought it worked ok). I didn't make the salad though. It's definitely a keeper recipe and I'm sure it's even better with the salad on top.