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Cookie stamps - Mare749 - 11-04-2007

I was making some sugar cookies today for the grandkiddies, and got impatient, so I made little round balls and pressed them with a glass, put sugar on them and baked. I only do the cut-outs once a year for Christmas because they take too much time. It got me thinking about using stamps, so I went on a hunt and found some on Amazon that I promptly ordered. Does anyone use these? They look really pretty.


Re: Cookie stamps - cjs - 11-04-2007

I'll bet Linda does....I don't - be sure to post some pictures before the little ones get to them!

Re: Cookie stamps - MUSICMAKER - 11-04-2007

Yes, but there is a "special" dough recipe you have to use because most of the sugar cookie recipes that (probably) everyone in this forum uses include baking powder and soda...the quantity of either or both of these in our sugar cookies are too much that when you bake them you lose the "picture"....dough swells (rises) too much. They should send you several recipes with those and if they don't, call or write them back and ask for them. I have some recipes but will have to dig those out. Will do it if you want them. I don't make them too often, but have, and usually only for Christmas. They are beautiful.

Is there a site/link you can post to see which ones you ordered? That will help me more, too, with getting you the correct recipe.

Re: Cookie stamps - Mare749 - 11-04-2007

Here they are, Linda. I got some recipes from the Land o'Lakes website that are for stamped cookies. They said the same thing you did about not using the baking powder or baking soda. And possibly a recipe will come with the stamps.

Re: Cookie stamps - MUSICMAKER - 11-04-2007

Yes, the pix is quite small, but thought those are the ones you were referring to.

Glad to hear Land-O-Lakes had something for you. Usually you do get recipes with items like this...they know these are "specialty" equipment and the average housewife would probably just go to their trusty, family fav cookie recipe, but they want you back for more biz, so they accomodate. And as mentioned, if they don't send you any, call/write/email them for some. They have them available. And if you want the ones I've used, let me know.

You'll have fun with these! We would set up a table with all the icings, edible markers, dragees, sprinkles, etc., and the kids would go to town! They created masterpieces! Something you might want to try with your grandkiddies! Make sure you have the camera ready!!! In fact, the avatar I use is #1, just before Christmas (you can see some Christmas decos in the background) making cookies with me!

Edit: Ah, you stinker, changed your post!!!! Yep, those are the ones!!!

Re: Cookie stamps - esgunn - 11-04-2007

Maryanne, Too funny. The kids and I made cut out sugar cookies today too. Late Halloween cookies. As usual, half way through the kids are gone and I am tired of the cut outs - I never really like making them. So I end up with the ball and glass routine too!

All the in and out of the refer trying to keep the dough cool enough to cut out is just a pain.

I do a few plain that they can frost and load up with sprinkles and the rest get sugar or sprinkles before going in the oven.

Let us know how the stamps go.

Re: Cookie stamps - Mare749 - 11-04-2007

Erin, I have a feeling they are going to be my new favorite toy. I make homemade cookies of some sort every week for my three little sugar monsters, and my hubbie who adores cookies. And of course, they all want sugar cookies a lot more often than I ever make them. So, I figured this might work out okay. I'll post pics when I make them.

Linda, the little ones love to help already, especially the decorating part, and of course licking the beaters. I always take pictures and have one that is really special with my niece who is now 11. We made braided Easter breads with colored eggs. I'll see if I can find it.


Re: Cookie stamps - MUSICMAKER - 11-04-2007

Hope you can find it! Post it if you do!!!

I think most mom's, grannies, have pix of the kids with the beaters! I know I have several of both boys! I can't find the one of #2...he is sooo small and he has this huge beater in his face with chocolate batter stipes all over his face, hair and clothes. He didn't care! He just wanted that chocolate of that thing and wasn't giving up until he did!

Aren't they great!!!! I miss those days! Is this where the wishing you were a grandma starts???!!!

Re: Cookie stamps - labradors - 11-04-2007


Cookie stamps

...and I thought the postal service was already having trouble delivering things. Now you want to use cookies as stamps?

Re: Cookie stamps - MUSICMAKER - 11-04-2007

. . .them's the bestest kind, Labradors!!!