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It's a sad day. - Harborwitch - 10-07-2007

We took Frodo to the vet yesterday - he advised us to start him back on the heavy duty meds and to remember that he'd be home today if we needed him.

We met him at his office this afternoon, Frodo was in really bad shape - Dr Ted and Bob tried to catheterize him, but it wouldn't go because the blockage was back and worse. His kidneys were shutting down and we knew it was the only right thing to do.

Frodo passed to the Rainbow Bridge looking into my eyes, as I kissed him and told him I loved him. It is very very sad, but now he is beyond pain and will be waiting with our first Pug, Norman.

Dr. Ted brought out a beautiful bottle of very old bourbon and we each had 2 small shots and toasted Frodo - and Dr. Ted!!!

Thank you for all your prayers earlier - he was just too far gone this time to bring back and it never would have been to perfect health - his age, and the neglect from his first owner took their toll.

Billy get your butt down here - we've got some serious cheering up to do.

Re: It's a sad day. - labradors - 10-07-2007

So sorry to hear this. Am crying with you.

Re: It's a sad day. - HomeCulinarian - 10-07-2007

You have my sympathy.

Our old yellow lab, Roxy, has cripling arthritis and is hobling around on her two and a half good legs. She's been taking glucosamine for years and we started the pain meds about 2 months ago. She's been the best family pet and we know that she'll not be around much longer.

Re: It's a sad day. - esgunn - 10-07-2007

I am sorry Sharon. We love our pets. They are our family. He will always be looking down on you and in your hearts.

Re: It's a sad day. - coco hernandez - 10-07-2007

I am sorry too, Sharon. I have been thru that a couple of times and you can have such a guilt trip wondering if you did the right thing. But when you think about the dog and what it was feeling you know you did. It helped me to remember my dogs when they were young and healthy and not when they were ill. Your dog will look down on you with love and happiness.

Re: It's a sad day. - labradors - 10-07-2007

If, as they say, "the eyes are the windows to the soul," then pugs, indeed, have very expressive windows and very deep souls.

Re: It's a sad day. - bjcotton - 10-07-2007

When you next talk to Frodo, tell him to look for Fredia, she loves dogs. My heart goes out to you Sharon. I'll be bring my old Buddy with me and you can introduce us to Dr. Ted.

Re: It's a sad day. - farnfam - 10-07-2007

Oh Sharon, so sorry, such sad news. But little Frodo is better now in doggie heaven.

Re: It's a sad day. - pjcooks - 10-07-2007

I'm so sorry, Sharon, no matter what, it's such a hard decision to make. He's in a better place now, but I know you are dealing with the fact that he was very sick, and that you made the decision to end his suffering. You did the right thing but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with, does it?

Prayers for you this time~


Re: It's a sad day. - Harborwitch - 10-07-2007

Thank you all so very much! Your kind and loving words help so much! I know that Frodo is in a much better place - and he will meet up with Norman and go find Fredia - they'll keep her busy!!!!

Billy I have a lovely bottle of wine that we need to take to Dr. Ted and some meds that I hope (I don't hope he needs to, but that a dog needs the meds) that he can use for another dog. I would love to introduce you to the best Vet in the State of California!!!