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Best Recipes - cookbooks - esgunn - 10-04-2007

I am looking for any winners out of the Best Recipes 30 minute recipes or make-ahead recipe books. Anyone who has used them care to share???

The only things I have tried so far are:
Make-ahead: 24 hour marinades - they are great. And the White wine-cream simmering sauce - very good too.

30 minutes: Skillet Lasagna - Yum and easy. And the warm Cherry tomato relish. Served it over pan fried Turky Mignons. The kids and I love this one too (I did leave out the olives - we are not olive fans).

Re: Best Recipes - cookbooks - cjs - 10-04-2007

Erin, I have a couple of books for cooking ahead of time that I used when I was personal cheffing - I'll go thru and post some of my customer's favorites. I meant to do this a while back when, I think, you brought the subject up. I'll look in the a.m.

Re: Best Recipes - cookbooks - HomeCulinarian - 10-04-2007

Erin, I have The Best Recipe, the Best Light Recipe and the Best Make Ahead Recipe cook books. I saw the best 30 minute recipes and resisted (so far) the urge to buy it. I really like the explanations and recipe development text around major ingredients.

I made some appetizers out of the Make Ahead - the cocktail shrimp and cocktail sauce (very good). And, have been looking at ideas for entertaining, but must admit I've gotten off track and not tried much else yet...

So far all of the recipes in the "Best" series cookbooks have been winners for us.

Guess that's not really much help for your current needs, but I think anything you try out of these books will be good.

Re: Best Recipes - cookbooks - esgunn - 10-05-2007

Thanks Jean, Anything tried and true would be apprecieated!

Re: Best Recipes - cookbooks - esgunn - 10-05-2007

Linda, Thanks - I agree that there is a good chance it would be good just because...I was just looking for some feedback of someone who had actually tried...

I will share as I experience.

Re: Best Recipes - cookbooks - Lorraine - 10-05-2007

I've never heard of these books. Have they been around awhile, and do you use them often?

Re: Best Recipes - cookbooks - HomeCulinarian - 10-05-2007

These books are from Cook's Illustrated and the format is about a page of background on the major ingredient and the variations tried and outcomes, followed by the "best" method and recipe for preparing the item. My first experience was with cornish game hens and they were fabulous. The Best Recipe has been around the longest - maybe 4 years.

From the Best Light Recipe, I got a kick out of their telling that there is no such thing as a good light Pie crust, tho they tried.