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Finished My Cookbook - luvnit - 09-17-2007

I have been working on getting my mother-in-laws recipes from her recipe box into book form for her. I also thought other family members would want copies of the book as the legacy of our matriarch. My first draft is finally finished. I am having it published at I have published other things there too. Great prices too, and only order what you need! It's the best of all worlds.

Re: Finished My Cookbook - bjcotton - 09-17-2007

Good going Laura. I tried to get my family and friends to give me their recipes so I could do the same thing. Quite an uncooperative bunch they are Said I was the only one with decent recipes.

Re: Finished My Cookbook - HomeCulinarian - 09-17-2007

Good for you! I started a similar project for my own kids a few years back and lost it becuase the Microsoft Word file got corrupted...

My idea is to make a collection of recipes my children grew up with. I've had the two adult children call to find out how I made something in particular because their attempt didn't taste like what they remembered.

Lately, I've been adding things to MC - which is backed up off site along with our financial records - and will get to that project again sometime

Re: Finished My Cookbook - Mare749 - 09-17-2007

Good for you, Laura! What a wonderful gift to give your family. I did a small version of this for my daughters when they were getting married and would frequently ask for a recipe. I say small version because I just put in in Mastercook, then made a copy of our family cookbook for them to put on their own computers, but never had it printed. I would like to expand on that some day and maybe even have it printed like you are doing. Thanks for the suggestion and the link.


Re: Finished My Cookbook - cjs - 09-18-2007

I know what a job that is, Laura - congratulations! I'm sure your entire family will be so thrilled with it.

Re: Finished My Cookbook - luvnit - 09-18-2007

I will be waiting on pins and needles to get the first copy in about a week. I will let you know (and take pictures) of the quality. I am also willing to part with my Word template if anyone is interested in creating a Word-based cookbook document that includes formatting for a 6x9 book with a Table of Contents (TOC). You really have to know Microsoft Word to use it, but it was such a help. I literally finished the book in a week!

Re: Finished My Cookbook - luvnit - 09-18-2007

The nice thing about is that you can post it and your family members (or whoever) can purchase a copy at their own expense. Each copy is still around $10-15 plus shipping. This is just a really nice way to have a book printed without all the upfront costs you used to have. I have done 4 other books through them (not cookbooks) and they have been just beatiful!

Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires Cookbook - analuvcook - 09-18-2007

I have been looking for the same for the last 5 months! I offer cooking classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina of Latin American cuisine and now I want to put all those recipes on a book but I am not sure how. I will take your advice and explore the possibilities.
If you have any other advice, I will appreciate it! I will see your book right now.
Thanks Travel to Argentina
Cooking classes in Buenos Aires

Re: Finished My Cookbook - cjs - 09-19-2007

Welcome to C@H forums, ana! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I sure hope you stick around for a long time and share some of your dishes - every once in a while!!

Re: Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires Cookbook - HomeCulinarian - 09-19-2007

Briefly checked out your website, analuvcook. It sounds like a great vacation desintation for people who love to cook and explore authentic cuisines. Some years back, C@H offered one or two vacation opportunities like this. Wasn't able to go at that time, but now that my nest is almost empty, it becomes more feasible.