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New Magazine Cover - esgunn - 08-08-2007

Anyone notice on the C&H home page they posted a new magazine cover for the October issue. Must mean some of you lucky early ones will get it soon. Looks really good - Grilled pork tenderloin of some sort. YUMMY!

Re: New Magazine Cover - Roxanne 21 - 08-09-2007

I was going to comment on that as well--but I didn't wanna WHINE again---

Sure looks good, huh??

Re: New Magazine Cover - cjs - 08-09-2007

Oh go ahead Roxanne - you look good in 'whine'

I was just thinking (hoping) it was about time for a new issue to tempt us.

Re: New Magazine Cover - Lorraine - 08-24-2007

Has anyone looked at the recipe for Newburg Pot Pie? Can't wait to get my issue.

Re: New Magazine Cover - cjs - 08-24-2007

yes Lorraine, it's dog-eared!!! (...and it used puff pastry rather than pie crust for topping.... )

If you don't get your issue soon, I'll type it in. Hey, how about this one for the next dinner????

Sharon's is due Monday - but, Tuesday will be the time to choose again.....

Re: New Magazine Cover - Mare749 - 08-24-2007

Sounds good to me, Jean. After looking through the new issue again, I ended up marking 4 recipes to try! This issue is a lot better than I thought at first glance.


Re: New Magazine Cover - bjcotton - 08-24-2007

I got my issue yesterday. I have chosen a couple to try soon, one of the Chicken & Dumplings and the Pork Tenderloin. I'm also looking at Sharon's Melon Sorbet from Monday's supper.

Re: New Magazine Cover - Lorraine - 08-24-2007

I'm game. It's one that everyone in the house will eat.

I saw that smirk about the pie crust. LOL

Re: New Magazine Cover - pjcooks - 08-24-2007

Count me in~ I know Picky will eat that!


Re: New Magazine Cover - cjs - 08-24-2007

"I saw that smirk about the pie crust." - that's drool....