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Is it Hot or HOT? - bjcotton - 07-10-2007

At 10:00 AM this morning it was 89°F on it's way to a forecast 100°+ temperature today. If it weren't for Fredia's Dr's appointment I'd stay in the house all day.

What's it like where you live?

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - Mare749 - 07-10-2007

Currently 94 degrees and humid. We get a lot of humidity because of the lake. I'm barely stepping out of the house today. My ancestors must have come from a cold climate. This type of weather drains me. So, instead of going out today I baked bread, (early this morning and in the basement) did some cleaning, 3 loads of laundry, and gave my pooch a bath that for once she didn't seem to mind.

Dinner tonight is going to be quick and easy. Asian pork tenderloin and a mixed green salad with some homemade french bread. I'm so glad it's suppose to be cooler tomorrow.

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - Half_Baked - 07-10-2007

We'll be in the 90s all week with one chance of a thunderstorm.

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - SDRecipeGirl - 07-10-2007

It's just partly cloudy in San Diego today. Not real hot. Our hot weather typically comes in August/September. We don't really get humidity much. Love the weather here... it's very liveable!!

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - bjcotton - 07-10-2007

We're supposed to have the same temperatures tomorrow too. A low pressure system is sitting off the coast which means our winds are from the East where the desert is.

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - pjcooks - 07-10-2007

Right now it's 77.7 degrees (that Polder thermo comes in handy)

We've had some really wierd weather, rain, sun and humidity, clouds, thunderboomers, wind, hail, sun and more rain, all in one day, for about a week now. Yikes, I'm changing my clothes four times a day!


I've been watching the temps over there, and while we have our share of 100 degree days here, at least we're consoled by the fact that this is New England, things will change in the next hour or two.

Stay cool! Hope Fredia does well tomorrow.

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - vannin - 07-10-2007

We are having remarkable weather. There were turnados(sp) in the Taranaki a few days ago. Unheard of here. The wind started here a couple of days ago, last night an oak fell across the estate gates, a Totara, growing at the times of the Maori Wars has fallen across our stream, a very large silver dollar gum was unrooted and lays neatly along the northern shelter belt. The patio canopy is gone, heaven knows where, and the twisted remains of the metal frame are thrown to one corner of the deck. Flooding in the Far North, I guess the Mad Butcher will be sending a few tons of sausages north again, as he does when these things happen. The city is a mess, and Gisbourne will be coping it today. 160km gusts. Electricity out. I must say it is very peaceful eating a gas cooked roast dinner by the light of oil lamps, and listening to the crashes outside, wondering what has fallen now.

We had a lamb roast, cooked on rosemary branches, minted peas, roast taties, parsnip, carrot, and buttercup, (a type of pumpkin), and good compliment of really delicious gravy.

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - bjcotton - 07-10-2007

Geez Dale, that's 99.42 statute miles per hour. That's hurricane-tropical storm/tornado winds. That's moving! Y'all hang on to your skivies dear!

Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - pjcooks - 07-10-2007

Wow. No wonder we haven't heard from you. That sounds frightening. I'm glad you're ok, and am glad to hear from you again!


Re: Is it Hot or HOT? - vannin - 07-10-2007

LOL, it is moving along there Billy. Had it not been for the good old Auckland Hospital Board building so stoutly I might have been a little alarmed. Elizabeth was getting it too, and I was concerned about the huge old pines south of her house, but all was well. She made a chicken dinner on the BBQ, which she brought inside, for herself and Quinn. Three cheers for foil.

Things have quietened down for now, it is supposed to be fine for the weekend.