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Heart Healthy - FOR DAPHNE - bjcotton - 06-20-2007

I spoke with Fredia's doctor yesterday and I am about to become a new kind of cook. I've cooked for almost 40 years with no consideration of salt, heavy cream, butter, etc. Now, I must consider all of those things, including natural sodium in things. Goodness gracious, that's like learning to cook all over again. , but I'm going to do it. So, I'll probably be bugging y'all about things. You all are such an inventive group, I don't really foresee any problems YOU can't solve

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - cjs - 06-20-2007

Billy, I don't remember if you were a part of the thread "Biting the Bullet" a few weeks ago, but since then we (collectively) have been posting a lot of very healthy recipes. So, join us!!

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - Half_Baked - 06-20-2007

For those of us "Biting the Bullet", I found a super site.

Also, MC9 has a cookbook with weight watcher's recipes, I believe. I don't think it came from Mad.

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - farnfam - 06-20-2007

Thanks Jan, I really like that website.

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - foodfiend - 06-20-2007

Billy, it took me years to learn how to be a healthier cook but this was back when the internet didn't exist and I made do with checking out cookbooks from the library. You'll do great, and in a lot less time. And think of how your body will thank you for this change (and Freida's, too)!

PS- I'll be the first person to say that you can use small amounts of butter, cream, etc., especially for special occasions. So don't discount those items entirely!

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - bjcotton - 06-21-2007

I was thinking of that "Heart Healthy" cookbook Jean recommended. I have a copy at home, so that and the numerous WW cookbooks the book store has should set me up. I've notice that nobody buys the WW cookbooks there, so they have quite a bunch.

So, when I get back there...maybe next week...if you're looking for a particular one, let me know and I'll look.

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - Lorraine - 06-21-2007

Billy, I think I sent you a book that Jean had recommended. Or I am suffering from CRS again?

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - cjs - 06-21-2007

Are you talking of "Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook" and "Choices For A healthy Heart" by Joseph C. Piscatella???? I didn't know you had one of those Billy - I was just about on my way over to Amazon to order for you.

Billy, here is my first idea for you because I know you all like one dish meals - it's a recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup - I noted on this recipe "10/18/94 - very good, but a little wierd!" have no idea what I meant by that, but I think I'll play with this in the next day or two and see if it's something you could use in one dish goodies - without all the sodium!!!

2 cups beef broth (not commercial, there is a recipe for it in this book)
1 cup grated raw potato
1 1/2 cups diced mushrooms
1/8 tsp. pepper

Heat broth to boiling; gradually add grated raw potato. Simmer 10-25 min., stirring frequently until potato is tender and broth has thickened.

Pour into a blender and puree. Return to saucepan; add mushrooms Season. Simmer 15 min.

I'm sure I must have added some more seasonings - onions, garlic, some freebie kinds of flavors...but I'll play with and see if it is doable in a casserole.

We're on a mission!

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - Lorraine - 06-21-2007

Jean, I think the ones I got were by the Candian Heart Association. Maybe on Chinese cooking? ( I hate getting old and having CRS)

Re: Heart Healthy and Low Sodium - cjs - 06-21-2007

Oh, I remember those - I have them also!

HeartSmart Flavours of India - Krishna Jamal

HeartSmart Chinese Cooking - Stephen Wong
(the Steamed Chicken Buns were wonderful!!)