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Update on Fredia - bjcotton - 06-17-2007

Fredia was getting weaker by the day and less acute in her mind. Nobody seemed to know why. Friday we called her primary care doctor but he was on vacation. The doctor covering for him listened to us and said to put her in the hospital and he would run some tests; something had to be causing this. Friday evening we put her in Providence Medical Center Portland. While in the emergency room, they gave her a breathing treatment and there was an almost immediate improvement. During the day on Saturday they gave her two more breathing treatments and put her on oxygen. They also gave her a medication that is supposed to pull the excess liquid from the lungs, etc. When I took her a Cheesesteak Sub at 6:30 PM last night she had actually been able to sit up on the edge of the bed BY HERSELF and get out of bed to use the bathroom. She was alert and said she hadn't felt this good in months. I asked the nurses what treatments she had receied and they said just her regular meds, breathing treatments and lasik (sp) the med to pull out the moisture and potassium.

You all have been terrific in your support and prayers. The cancere has actually shrunk a little even without the chemo. Bless you all!

Re: Update on Fredia - Roxanne 21 - 06-17-2007

GOOD NEWS, Billy----------I hope she continues to improve.

She will really love some of those spinach dishes---all that iron--- can't hurt!!!!

Re: Update on Fredia - Harborwitch - 06-17-2007

Oh Billy that's great news! Glad she's feeling better!

Re: Update on Fredia - Half_Baked - 06-17-2007

Such wonderful news, Billy. I have a machine at home to give myself breathing treatments when I need them. Perhaps the dr could order her one, also.

I'm sure he'll know what to I've just been through breathing disorders for so long.

That's good news - lxxf - 06-17-2007

if you get tired of spinach salads, cook it up and drain and squeeze it dry. Put it in a shallow casserole dish, top with sliced mushrooms, sprinkle with salt & pepper and thyme and bake at 350 until the mushrooms are tender, then top it with a mixture of sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese and bake until bubbly. Yum

Re: That's good news - cjs - 06-17-2007

another chapter and another hurdle overcome!! Give her a hug from us, Billy.

Re: Update on Fredia - pjcooks - 06-17-2007

That's terrific, Billy. Good news, indeed!


Re: Update on Fredia - DFen911 - 06-17-2007

Oh Billy thank you so much for the update and I'm so glad to hear she's improving. Been thinking good thoughts her way and yours.

Please keep us posted

Re: Update on Fredia - Emmasmum - 06-17-2007

That is really great news. Have decided after spending the better part in the hospital this week for husband, that they are just filled with angels. Will have you in our prayers.


Re: Update on Fredia - bjcotton - 06-17-2007

The nurses taking care of her and the doctor are all really nice people. I got them a little thingie it has a ceramic base that is surrounded with little ceramic petunia looking flowers, then it has a wire that curves up and over the flowers with a ceramic angel hanging from it. I said it was for the "Angels of Mercy." They were all surpised and happy to get it.