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What's On For Tonight??? - cjs - 06-15-2007

Grill, Grill, Grill - love this weather!!!!

Starting out with Creamed Corn Soup with Crab - Just a tiny bowl, I just want to try the recipe - I'll be good.

Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri (W.W. 4 pts.)
Buternut Squash & Leek Gratins (C.L. 3 pts.)

It any are any good, I'll post them tomorrow.

What's everyone else doing? (I still don't have Father's Day set in stone, T-Bones are ordered and the dessert someone mentioned (maryan? pj?) But in between not sure yet.......

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - piano226 - 06-15-2007

Menu for friday night...will be as follows...we have about 8 people coming that will be staying for the weekend

Roasted red pepper soup
crispy orange chicken
brown rice/peas
chinese broccoli
raspberry chocolate crumb bars

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - bjcotton - 06-15-2007

Grilled Pork Loin
Garlic Creamed Spinach...lots of it
Vanilla Fudge Ribbon Ice Cream

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - SDRecipeGirl - 06-15-2007

We're headed to a neighbor's house for a bbq. They felt sorry for us since my husband is on an 11 day business trip

She is serving grilled Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs (it's great grilling weather here too), along with an Asian Pasta Salad. I'm excited because she is one of my friends who actually enjoys cooking about as much as I do!

I'm in charge of the appetizer and dessert. I'm bringing Asian Lettuce Wraps and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream (homemade- just bought a Cuisinart!) I promise to be good and just taste the ice cream!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - Half_Baked - 06-15-2007

I'm making shrimp & grits for dinner this evening. I love that dish.

btw, I'm eating that chard up. It is so good!

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - Harborwitch - 06-15-2007

As long as it involves a bloody rare piece of beef I don't care! I'm sick of chicken, chicken, chicken, and more chicken; which is what this week has been - uhmmm ??? I plan the meals, what's up with that.

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - cjs - 06-15-2007

I'm with you, Sharon! Catfish last nite, flank steak tonite and pork tomorrow AND T-Bones Sunday. Not a chicken feather in sight!

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - bjcotton - 06-15-2007

Yep, it's Pork Loin tonight, but tomorrow night it's Chicken Marsala...haven't made up my mind if it's going to be with rice or noodles...oh yeah, I'm a gormet now, it's "pasta."

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - Roxanne 21 - 06-15-2007

I made the stuffed lobster tails---Issue 42 one of our favorites and an EARLY Father's day feast

Served with lemon/garlic Fettuccini

Lemon/pepper green beans

Dessert---death by chocolate ice cream--------guess I have to think about a little (or a lot) of exercise and fewer "points" for the next coupla days----GEESH---this is a nightmare!!!!

Re: What's On For Tonight??? - Roxanne 21 - 06-15-2007

GOOD ON YA!!!!! I would do the noodle 'thang'!!! Great with that dish!!! IMHO------as I slink away to do my own noodle (Fettuccini) concoction!!! GO GOURMET BILLY!!!!