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What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - cjs - 04-06-2007

I'm going to have fun this Easter, cooking at a friend's house - a floating house - that he has just remodeled and it's a great kitchen. Some of you, Billy and Lorraine, know him, Don from Portland.

The menu - so far:

Cranberry Crab Spread
Smoked Tomato Dip
Duck Confit

Duck Breasts with Pear-Ginger Chutney
Side dish????? (can't decide - will check out your ideas...)

Lemon Buttermilk Pie with Mascerated Strawberries

What are you all doing?

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - Roxanne 21 - 04-06-2007

DH is away--I would ordinarily do the turkey thing--just because it's his favorite BUT---I have a friend (my computer tech/guru that is as close to a son as anyone could be) coming for dinner because he is alone as well--- But at least I have the opportunity to cook for more than one. Honestly, I really haven't been in the kitchen lately--too many things happening on the home improvement scene. I will enjoy my day on Sunday---a little long winded to get to my menu!!

I am doing the phyllo wrapped salmon with the coconut milk sauce
Roasted asparagus
Angel hair pasta-with a very light olive oil sauce--cause the coconut milk will be the star here
C@H favorite dinner rolls (these are his favorites from a previous dinner soooo---)

Cherries Jubilee---I have made a few minor Roxanne "twists" to this recipe---will let you know how it comes out--his favorite dessert is ice cream soooo

I may make a light green salad as a side but still thinking about that because I don't think it will add an appropriate addition.

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - Ron - 04-06-2007

My mother is having us over Sunday, and she is making ribeye steaks. I wanted lamb for the rest of the weekend, but the leg of lamb didn't look very good. I bought a couple lamb chops and we had them last night. They had some nice looking Cook's hams, so we will be having that the balance of the weekend.

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - bjcotton - 04-06-2007

We finished off most of the ham I'd made, so I cut the rest of the meat into bite-size pieces and made Ham and Noodle Stuff [one of my recipes from Share A Recipe cookbook] and the 800 pounder was happy as a pig in....uh, uh, stuff Having Easter supper at my lil sis' house, so don't know what's happening there.

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - Lorraine - 04-06-2007

"What are you all doing"


Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - cjs - 04-06-2007

sneak some time to take quick pictures, Lorraine!!

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - SDRecipeGirl - 04-06-2007

We're having Easter at a relative's house in La Jolla- up on the hills overlooking the ocean! Hopefully it will be a nice day as it's been a little gloomy lately.

The hostess is serving Ham, Calico Beans, Deviled Eggs, Potato Dish and an Easter Bunny Cake.

I'm contributing a Lemon Ricotta Tart and an undecided salad recipe.

It will be nice, for once, not to be the entertainer! I might just have a couple of glasses of wine!

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - farnfam - 04-06-2007

Mushroom Crustades (ala Tammy) and Cocktails for starters.
Lamb roasted on the BBQ as my oven is broke and we're waiting for parts (bieng a retro fit it's gonna be a pain)
Spinach salad with the sliced strawberries, walnuts and the grapefruit dressing topped with gorgonzola, Creamed Asparagus, still not sure if it's orzo, couscous, stuffing or what as the starch. Open for suggestions, perhaps store bought garlic bread also toasted on BBQ?
My girls can't make it home this year, but a good friend is coming over. As I have no oven, she's making dessert. A sweet shot called a B52 with dessert I'm thinking but maybe before

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - Half_Baked - 04-06-2007

I just found out that Mr HB's family is coming up for Easter so I've been working my buns off with menu, grocery shopping etc. I'm very tired but it's a nice tired.

Re: What's Everyone Doing For Easter???? - bjcotton - 04-06-2007

I must have missed that Mushroom Crustades recipe Cis, can you post it?

I vote for a savory orzo, yum!

I've got some [about 1 1/2 pints] of mushroom broth I might take up North and make some savory orzo myself. You'll have to ask Jean what kind of mushrooms it was, she gave some to Tracie who gave some to me....dried type.