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Good News About Fredia - bjcotton - 02-06-2007

We went to the Oncologist yesterday to begin Series 3 of chemo. Last Friday they did a CAT scan and we got the results. The larger cancer near her stomach/liver/pancreas has been reduced in size by about 50% and the one on her bronchial tube is about gone. We still have at least two more series of chemo after we finish this one. Will keep you up to date as things progress.

Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

Re: Good News About Fredia - cjs - 02-06-2007

Wonderful news Billy J and Fredia!!!!

Re: Good News About Fredia - Mare749 - 02-06-2007

That is good news, Billy! And thank you for keeping us informed of her progress. Isn't modern medicine just amazing? Thank God.


Re: Good News About Fredia - vannin - 02-06-2007

I am so happy for you BJ, and Fredia. I know how much you love each other. So it is onwards and upwards, I have a sneaking suspicion tho, that some very good nursing is going on.

Re: Good News About Fredia - Half_Baked - 02-06-2007

While I was reading your post, I found myself holding my breathe. BJ, that is wonderful news...our prayers will continue. I have tears in my eyes.

Re: Good News About Fredia - pjcooks - 02-06-2007

Wonderful news!! How encouraging to see progress, makes one's will even stronger.

Thanks for keeping us up to date. Feels like a big family, doesn't it? without even having met (well, most of us).

.......continued good vibes towards Fredia's recovery.....


Re: Good News About Fredia - bjcotton - 02-06-2007

Yes, it is encouraging! While the Nurse Practioner was asking Fredia questions, I noticed a hitch in her voice as she answered. I thought to myself, "It's a good thing Marilee isn't here with the fear of this dreaded disease showing through. Marilee would lose it!" It seems that I am the only one that Fredia feels safe with and lets her emotions show..I'm glad I'm there for her to do so and that she feels that comfortable.

Re: Good News About Fredia - Lorraine - 02-06-2007

Great news, Billy. Really glad to hear it.

Re: Good News About Fredia - Harborwitch - 02-07-2007

Billy I am so happy for the two of you! So glad for the good news for Fredia - and so very glad she has a wonderful brother like you that she can count on. Our prayers will continue!

Re: Good News About Fredia - bjcotton - 02-07-2007

Sharon dear, even throughout your own troubles you were there for me...I bless you every day.