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Best Pressie - vannin - 12-29-2006

A tee shirt, that just soaks into your soul. A dish towel, that begs to be framed, a dress that whispers around your ankles. That is what Billy brought, and so much more. For all of us. Tie dyed sox, that cuddle your feet, but most of all, himself, and his lovely sister Carol. It is a wicked thing that can rob you of people before they should go. It is a wicked thing that visited our Fredia, so central to Billys life. But it happened. So. I will glory in the wonderful colour Billy has brought into my life, dance in the hues of rainbows and suns, I shall allow myself to love in a wider circle, and I shall be content to have known him. My best present was Billy.

Re: Best Pressie - pjcooks - 12-29-2006

Dale, how eloquent, you've said it all. I'm sorry the visit ended before it was supposed to, but I'm glad you had the time together. I know Billy and Carol feel the same way.

And Fredia's on the upswing! A silver lining, do you think?


Re: Best Pressie - dollop - 12-29-2006

Oh, truly touched me with this post about Billy! Friendship is so rare in this day and age. How fortunate and rewarded Y'all are to have one another. I am so "new" here...but this group of "foodies" is a special lot. I am thankful to just sit here and read all the postings!

Take care, Cutie...and know that you have another friend who loves "in a wider circle."

Re: Best Pressie - vannin - 12-29-2006

You are not new here Dollop, you were just waiting to come here. In due course. And PJ, I knew Fredia was going to blossom the moment she saw Billy. I can almost see the incadescent glow the moment she saw him. Such moments are lost to the camera, but live in our minds and hearts forever. We are blessed this way, are we not fortunate to treasure such things in our hearts.

Re: Best Pressie - Half_Baked - 12-29-2006

I am so glad that you are in my circle, Dale. I think you are an elegant gentlewoman and you give me great joy.

Re: Best Pressie - Bizymomma - 12-30-2006

I raise my glass to that one! I've loved Dale from the first post! Such class!

Re: Best Pressie - vannin - 12-30-2006

You haven't seen me in my dressing gown. ;Þ

Re: Best Pressie - DFen911 - 12-31-2006

What a wonderful post to read! It just made me smile both inside and out. Thank you for sharing that