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Does anybody use a baking stone? - Mare749 - 12-26-2006

I have acquired one of these recently and was wondering if they really make any difference over a regular baking sheet because the few times I have used it, I just haven't really noticed any difference.


Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - bjcotton - 12-26-2006

I am not a good one to ask about a baking stone. I bought one and the first time I went to bake a pizza, the dough stayed on the peel and the sauce and everything else went onto the stone. What a mess. I haven't used it since. It was all my fault, but I was so disgusted I just put it away. Probably time to try it again.

Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - Half_Baked - 12-27-2006

I keep my stone in the over but since I'm not a big pizza eater, it's not used for that very often. I've never made a fresh pizza on it but I do notice a difference when I toss on a frozen one.

I tried to cook rolls, fresh and frozen, and didn't notice the difference except for having to chase the rolls all over the oven and floor (5 second rule). It's easier for me to pop them on a baking sheet and lift it out.

Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - cjs - 12-27-2006

I had one years ago, can't say I was overly impressed - but then that's about the time I started grilling my pizza, so pizza stone was and is out of our equation...

Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - DFen911 - 12-27-2006

Oh I love my stone!! I have 2 big round ones for pizza and a large rectangle one for breads.

I also have one that looks like a round cake pan (with sides) that I use for pork chops and chicken.

If I could figure out a way to get a deck oven in my house I would!

Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - Roxanne 21 - 12-27-2006

I love my stone as well. I use it for pizza and sometimes a rustic bread---the bottoms become so nice and crispy and brown and it seems to me that the crispiness lasts longer than baking on a tray.

The best way to keep the dough from sticking to the peel is to generously sprinkle the peel with cormeal or semolina before you place the dough on. Slides off beautifully!!

I also understand that bagels do really well on stones--now if only I could find some extra time to try those new recipes---

Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - Mare749 - 12-27-2006

Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to try it a few more times before I put it away for good.

Jean, I guess that grilled pizza must be awfully good! I haven't tried it yet, but now I want to. Do you put a homemade pizza on a pan, then on the outdoor grill?


Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - cjs - 12-27-2006

O.K. Maryann, now's the time to get your new scale out. It's great for putting together your dry ingredients for pizza dough.

Here's my recipe for it and I finally wrote down the weights 'cause I don't make pizza often enuf to remember them!

* Exported from MasterCook *


Recipe By :'perfected' this in the 80s - best so far!

1 c. +3 T. water
2 tsps EVO
2 3/4 c. (13.5 oz) bread flour
1/4 c. (1.1 oz.) whole wheat flour
1 tsp each: garlic & onion powders
1/4 c. (.7 oz.) dry milk powder
2 tsps sugar
1 1/2 tsps salt
2 tsps Active dry yeast

Fill bread machine in the order that your model recommends.
Set machine to 'dough'; take out at end of process & spread on a Pam-sprayed pizza pan which has been sprinkle w/corn meal.
For individual pizzas - divide dough into 1/4s. (I divide the dough in 1/4s for using on the grill also. makes a great size to work with)

Either freeze, refrigerate till needed, or top immediately w/toppings of your choice.

Oven: Bake at 450° for ~15 min., or till crust is golden.

BBQ: Put the 'unadorned' (but rub oil on both sides) pizza round on the grill (no pan, just on the grill) grill for approx. 4 min. rotate after 2 minutes; remove from grill, take to kitchen and turn grill side up. Top w/toppings; place back on grill for ~6 min. more, rotating after ~3 min. Close the grill lid while cooking.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

NOTES : Don't load the pizza up w/too much - less is better on a pizza - but, lots of cheese.

Let me know if I didn't explain something correctly -

Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - Mare749 - 12-27-2006

Thank you Jean, your instructions are perfect. Your pizza dough sounds excellent. I have copied that into MC and will let you know how it turns out for me. I have a feeling I'll be putting the stone away after this.


Re: Does anybody use a baking stone? - Harborwitch - 12-28-2006

The one thing I miss the most on the boat is my wonderful HearthKit. It's a thick terracotta "stone" on the bottom with thick terracotta sides that rise up about 6". It makes your oven work like a brick oven - wonderful. Great for pizza, bread, rolls, roasting meats, and more. My daughter has a stone cookie sheet, and a round pizza stone and loves them.

First I've gotta get my oven fixed! Grrrrrrrrrr.