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Can You Explain? - bjcotton - 11-09-2006

Why would a grocery store sell crossrib roasts for $2.49, short ribs for $2.79, and stew meat for $2.69 per pound? That always strikes me as really silly to charge more for stew meat than for roasts. I know it takes some effort to cut up a roast into stew meat, but don't they just use wayward chunks of "stuff" for stew meat?

Re: Can You Explain? - vannin - 11-09-2006

I don't think they use wayward chunks here Billy. I never buy stew meat prepared anyway. I need to be certain of the meat I buy, so generally choose lovely wide slabs of topside for a stew/Casserole. With not a hint of sinew to be seen. The rim of fat is useful for rendering for whatever the undertaking is and the dogs eat up the fat rim left when I am done with it. Lamb is more fiddley of course, but more than worth any effort made. I prefer Hogget, (1-2 years) and find a slow cook of mutton just lovely. 2+ years. Mutton is hard to find though, most of it is exported. Ribs have only found their way into the main meat section, and are still sold as dog tucker. The lamb knuckle things have been out of the dog bin for a decade or more. I will not eat milk only fed lamb, I think it's disgusting. But a lot of people like it.

Re: Can You Explain? - Harborwitch - 11-09-2006

I can remember when stew meat, short ribs, flank steak, etc. were cheap. Now they're expensive. Me, I'd get the cross rib roast and cut it up for stew, or grind it up for ground beef, or????????

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Re: Can You Explain? - cjs - 11-10-2006

I'm so old, I remember when pork chops were the dirt cheap meat...

Supply & demand - I just hope folks keep keepin' away from my chuck, which to me, is the best flavor!!

Re: Can You Explain? - Half_Baked - 11-10-2006

When I was in my 20s, spareribs were $.25/lb and they couldn't give away chicken wings.

Re: Can You Explain? - bjcotton - 11-10-2006

I never buy stew meat, usually chuck and cut it myself. That's basically why I couldn't understand the extra $.20 a pound.

Re: Can You Explain? - VegasDramaQueen - 11-10-2006

I never buy stew meat pre cut either. I always buy chuck roast, which is supposed to be the most flavorful and either grind it up myself with my KitchenAid grinder attachment or cut it up for stew. This way I can control the amount of fat I want in my ground beef, and I can control the size of the cut for stew. I know what I'm getting with chuck roast, no sinew or gristle. This works best for me. I also grind my own lamb (ground lamb is almost impossible to find here) and my own pork and combine it with beef for meat loaf. When chuck roast is on sale it is very cheap.

Re: Can You Explain? - Bizymomma - 11-10-2006

Do you like that attachment to your Kitchen Aid? I've wondered how well it worked.

Re: Can You Explain? - Harborwitch - 11-10-2006

I can remember ground lamb at 19 cents a pound! I paid nearly 3 bucks a pound the other day - and lamb shanks???? They cost more than leg of lamb frequently.