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She Does It Every Time - bjcotton - 10-26-2006

I keep hoping that ONE time my lil' sis will have her kitchen stocked when I come up here. No such luck. Guess I'll have to go shopping, again, and make her pay me back. There's no eggs, no milk, no sandwich makin's, no bread, no etc.! I do have my choice of 6 vehicles to go shopping in, a luxury SUV, a Tracker, a Honda CRV, a Honda Civic, a Honda Accord with all the extras, and a Chevy Silverado with all the goodies...except they all need gas. There's plenty of dog food and dog treats though

Re: She Does It Every Time - Half_Baked - 10-26-2006

She just wanted to give you something to do so you wouldn't get bored. TeeHee.

Re: She Does It Every Time - cjs - 10-26-2006

Oh you little jerk, I'm really feeling sorry for you - you have to go shopping in PORTLAND???? What a chore that's going to be! What could be more fun, I ask????

Re: She Does It Every Time - vannin - 10-26-2006

Poor BJ, shopping. Buy caviar and truffles.

Re: She Does It Every Time - bjcotton - 10-26-2006

If you were here to shop with me Jean! That would be more fun. Couldn't you just see a bunch of us running amok in the grocery stores here? What fun that would be!

Re: She Does It Every Time - Bizymomma - 10-27-2006

I think that would be so awesome!! I was thinking about this just last night...about how fun it would be for us to have a reunion of sorts! I would love to meet you all in person! Just imagine how much fun we'd have! We could take over a restaurant and just cook and visit, have cocktails...or tea!

Re: She Does It Every Time - dollop - 10-27-2006

How funny Y'all are sharing these thoughts...I thought much the same thing the other day. How enjoyable it would be to share a weekend of cooking...think of all the fun and knowledge we could share!!

Re: She Does It Every Time - cjs - 10-27-2006

You're all welcome to come up and spend a weekend cooking, eating, drinking, yaking, soaking up all the beauty around the Straits!! what a time we would have.

Billy, we would do some serious damage if the two of us were let loose together shopping in Portland!!

Re: She Does It Every Time - bjcotton - 10-27-2006

Here's a short story for y'all. I'm not noted for my patience with grocers. For Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, I was looking for some brussels sprouts to roast as a side. Every place I looked they had them, but they were still on the stalk and the price had been raised. I finally lost. I told the produce man I wanted brussels sprouts, but I didn't want them on the stalk. He said, "Oh, but they're much sweeter when they're on the stalk." I said, "Be that as it may, but you are also charging a premium price AND I'm paying for the weight of the stalk! I want them off the stalk." He replied, "But, these are premium brussels sprouts AND they are so much better when you remove them from the stalk yourself." I'd had it! "If I'd wanted the damned things on the stalk I would have slogged out through the mud and cut them myself!" I finally found them here in Portland where the dinner was going to be anyway.

If you've never had roasted brussels sprouts, you don't know what you're missing. I put them in a ziplock bag with some kosher salt and olive oil [just enough to coat them] and then spread them out on a baking sheet, into a 400°F oven until they're browned. Sweet and delicious.

Re: She Does It Every Time - Roxanne 21 - 10-27-2006

I do brussels that way at times---and they are soooo good!!! Almost like french fries from the oven--can't remember wher I originally noted the recipe though--a great side!!