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New issue! - Bizymomma - 10-13-2006

See that pretty new issue cover!!! I've been waiting! Now I'm really excited!!

Re: New issue! - dollop - 10-13-2006

Oh yeah!! Me too.

Re: New issue! - vannin - 10-13-2006

My first issue has not yet arrived.

Re: New issue! - Bizymomma - 10-13-2006

Dale,...I bet it will be the one they're showing on the website now!

Re: New issue! - dollop - 10-13-2006

I agree, I bet this beauty will be your issue! I hope it gets to you quickly!!

Re: New issue! - Bizymomma - 10-13-2006

I can't believe it takes so long for mail to reach Dale and Roxanne. I can mail things within in the states and it only takes 2 days!! That's got to be frustrating!

Re: New issue! - dollop - 10-13-2006

I know. I honestly feel guilty talking about the special issues when I know that they won't be able to share in all the "hands-on" excitement. I'm sorry.

Re: New issue! - cjs - 10-14-2006

When I first started sending out cookbooks, I ask the P.O. why the out of U.S. took so darn long - they said pkgs. going media (or book) rate sits somewhere in New York (?) until the container is full, then it is sent on. It was maddening for those living out of the U.S.

must go see the new issue cover..

Re: New issue! - Roxanne 21 - 10-14-2006

NO WAY!!! It will be the last issue. Whenever mailing of any type comes here it is always 6-8 weeks---HOWEVER DA_DA
last posting took only 3 weeks---it all depends upon the receiving country and how quickly everything is dispersed. Most items leave the States within 2-3 DAYS---hang up is local workers---not to belittle the laborers here, but they do go in reverse most of the time---it does eventually "pitch up" though!!! YES---frustrating is the understatement but nice to have those reviews in advance--I always know what I would like to try in advance.