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Every Recipe?? - cjs - 10-12-2006

I was looking thru a little cookbook/magazine put out by Ortega in '97, "Authenic Family-Style Mexican Cooking" yesterday and realized I had made almost every recipe in the book. That got me to wondering if I had ever made every recipe in one of my other books/magazines. (can't think of one) This is one of those 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" publications and has 60 recipes in it, so it's not a humongeous thing. But, I was still surprised at how many I had made.

Anyone else have a favorite book they've made everything or almost everything from??

My favorites from this book - still - are three I make quite often (and it takes a lot for me to repeat dishes):
Caesar Salad with Cilantro & Green Chile Dressing (altho haven't made this since we all made the Chix Roulade with the salad, so this one may slide down the scale a little...)

Shrimp Tostadas

and all time favorite flan - Cream Cheese Flan!!

Re: Every Recipe?? - Half_Baked - 10-12-2006

I've never gone through a whole book. But I do make myself make at least one recipe out of a new cookbook before I buy another one.

I've always done this because my cookbook addiction is so bad that this is how I legitimize the purchases. I figure making a great dinner, instead of going out, pays for the book.

hmmmm....this is off topic, I'm sorry!

Re: Every Recipe?? - dollop - 10-12-2006

In answer to your question; yes. Believe it or not I have a bread book that I bought in '78 or '79 and a vegetable cookbook from the same time frame and I have made every recipe from those 2 books. (I still make several recipes from them!) They are like old friends!

This kind of goes back to the question about entertaining...if you "jump" in and cook you will find recipes that click in terms of flavor and depth. If we cook long enough we get comfortable and secure with the presentation. Those recipes become my core recipes. Then when I read "new" recipes I know what sounds yummy to my palate and proceed to experiment with those "new" recipes.

I love vegies and think they "make" a I try more variations with them than any other group. I mean they add color as well as flavor and stimulate our senses. I guess I think in terms of "more bang for the buck" where vegetables are concerned!

P. S. I would love your flan recipe!!

Re: Every Recipe?? - cjs - 10-12-2006

"But I do make myself make at least one recipe out of a new cookbook before I buy another one."

I don't/can't hold myself to that rule!!! But, if the first recipe I make from a book is a good one, I'm always ready to fix another and another, but if we don't care for the first one, I find I shelve it and don't go to it often...

"hmmmm....this is off topic, I'm sorry!"

No, I hope this is just a rambling, fun thread.

"They are like old friends!" - exactly!

I'll post the flan recipe - it is wonderful!

Re: Every Recipe?? - dollop - 10-12-2006

Thank you!!

Re: Every Recipe?? - DFen911 - 10-12-2006

I bought years ago one of those checkstand cookbooks that's small like a little magazine on appetizers. I've made just about every one and some twice. I have notes in the margins on how I've changed them a bit.

Favorite Appetizer to date is still hot wings

Re: Every Recipe?? - Roxanne 21 - 10-12-2006

Nice thread, Jean. I have so many cookbooks I cannot begin to mention what I have attempted to cook over the years. The one book I cooked most recipes when I first received was one of Caprial Pence's---a touch of home, I guess. Then off I went---every cookbook has an attraction for me--depends on the mood. Most recipes now come from C@H because I have others I can share ideas with---

I have a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL library of cooking books---I never go shopping without coming home with something interesting.

The OTHER question---how many books do you have that you have NOT cooked from?? I have many coffee table books---great ideas BUT a little too complicated and over the top---great for info though. I'm spoiled!!!!

Re: Every Recipe?? - Bizymomma - 10-12-2006


The OTHER question---how many books do you have that you have NOT cooked from?? I'm spoiled!!!!

Way too many! I'm spoiled also!

Re: Every Recipe?? - farnfam - 10-12-2006

I don't think I've got a cookbook that I've cooked everything in, but I have one that was really a training book for me. It's called More with Less, it has good basic recipes and a kind of a philosphy about food and family. Any one ever hear of it?

Re: Every Recipe?? - cjs - 10-12-2006

Because of my background in cooking and raising pigs - geez, every other present I get is a cookbook or a PIG!! Thank God I'm not raising them anymore! I know there are a lot of the gift cookbooks I've not tried a recipe from - but, I think I've tried at least one from any I've bot.