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new member - GoldenBrown - 09-25-2006

Hello, I just signed up and got my password comformation back. I love to cook and have been taking some cooking classes this summer. I collect recipes and love to swap.
I am looking forward to getting to know you and the forum. I hope its ok that I jumped in like this.

Re: new member - Old Bay - 09-25-2006

Welcome--don't be shy--jump right in and get your feet wet.

Re: new member - TwilightKitten - 09-25-2006

Welcome, GoldenBrown...I think you came to the right place!

Re: new member - farnfam - 09-25-2006

Hello and Welcome, love the name "Golden Brown".

Re: new member - bjcotton - 09-25-2006

Welcome to CAH Golden Brown...I have another friend with a similar name...SugarBrown. Glad you could join us.

Re: new member - Half_Baked - 09-25-2006

Welcome Golden Brown...I'm rather new myself. This is a great group to work with on recipes.

And just chat with.

Re: new member - Bizymomma - 09-25-2006

Welcome GoldenBrown! You will love this forum! We are one big family!

Re: new member - DFen911 - 09-25-2006

Hi Golden! Welcome to the boards you will just love it here!!!

This has got to be one the the best group of people

And since you're new it's your turn to make the apple fritters for us all

Re: new member - farnfam - 09-25-2006

That's right! Denise will explain to you how to FedEX them to every one of us so we will recieve them while they're still warm. Tammy can post the recipe to be sure you make the right kind too. teehee

Re: new member - vannin - 09-25-2006

Welcome GoldenBrown. Marvelous place this is. Get posting now.