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New issue!! - Bizymomma - 08-19-2006

I've been gone from home since 8:00 am this morning! Softball tournament...8 and Under girls softball "Moving Up Tournament" was so freaking hot...105. We were miserable, but happy, went undefeated the whole way! Just got home to find......THE NEW ISSUE!!!! !!!! I can't wait to start cooking! You guys are gonna LOVE it!!!

Re: New issue!! - cjs - 08-20-2006

(a week and a half of hearing you guys rave about the new issue...feel like Roxanne...can I handle this???)

Re: New issue!! - esgunn - 08-21-2006

I can't wait! It seems like out here on the west coast we - or I - get it at least a week after you all. Maybe even more. But I will be keeping an eye out for it.

Re: New issue!! - bjcotton - 08-21-2006

Our mail was being held for the last week since we weren't home, maybe it'll be delivered today and I'll get the new issue.

Re: New issue!! - Roxanne 21 - 08-21-2006

A WEEK??? That's ALL!!! WAHHHHHH------I still say it ain't fair!!!

Re: New issue!! - dollop - 08-21-2006

I just received mine today...Roxanne, it is worth the wait! A lovely issue!!

Re: New issue!! - Roxanne 21 - 08-22-2006

Yeah, I know----that's what you guys ALWAYS say!!! But I'm very patient--have to be, I guess. Thanks for the review though--let us know what you decide to try----we always want to know what one thinks about recipes from the new issue----OR you can select the very next on-line dinner party!!!

Re: New issue!! - farnfam - 08-22-2006

Just got mine today!! Those porkchops look to die for! Looking forward somehow to the cooler temps and the cuisine of Fall. But not quite ready to give up Summer yet

Re: New issue!! - bjcotton - 08-22-2006

Well krud , mine wasn't in the mail. Maybe it'll be here before I leave tomorrow.

Re: New issue!! - coco hernandez - 08-25-2006

Has anyone fron the west coast received theirs?