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He's Not So Smart! - bjcotton - 07-30-2006

We had company yesterday and everyone was admiring how smart Buddy was and how well he minded. I was trying to visit and he kept bugging me. He came and sat in front of me and pawed at the skirts of my chair. I said, "OK, I'll get it for you." My guests asked what he wanted and I told them his tennis ball was under my chair. I got down on my knees and dragged it out for him. A little later he came over, sat down in front of me again and stared at me. I said, "OK, Buddy, what do you want this time?" He looked at the door, so I took him outside. We visited some more and here he was again. "What do you want Buddy?" He walked over and stood by his toy bag. "OK." I held the bag open and he rooted around in it and pulled out his fuzzy duckie. Again, he came to me. This time he walked into the kitchen and nosed his treat bag...ok, he wanted a treat. My guests were laughing and saying, "He's so smart!" I said, "Oh, he's not so smart!" They wanted to know why I said that. "I'll show you! Come here Buddy!" He comes over and sits in front of me and I say, "What's the statute of limitations on murder?" He just looked at me. "See, he's not so smart!"

Re: He's Not So Smart! - vannin - 07-30-2006

Yes he is, he knows his 'right to silence'. So there!!!

Re: He's Not So Smart! - bjcotton - 07-30-2006

Hee hee, :0 I jes luv tha dog

Re: He's Not So Smart! - cjs - 07-31-2006

We used to have to spell in front of 'Luther'!!