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Ain't I Purdy? - bjcotton - 07-29-2006

I'm getting everything ready to go to NZ at the end of this year. Had my passport picture taken the other day. I look like I'm mad at the world......

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - Lorraine - 07-29-2006

hehehe Do ya think you could have smile just a bit???? LOL I look like one of Canada's 10 most wanted in mine.

Post deleted by sysadmin - - 07-29-2006

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - vannin - 07-29-2006

LOL Steve, that tie dye is a disguise. I am counting the days Billy.

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - bjcotton - 07-29-2006

Steve, I have zero t-shirts that aren't tie-dyed, 2 pairs of trousers that aren't and 4 pair of sweats that aren't. I even have socks that are. Used to have a bunch of underware, but wore them out

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - farnfam - 07-29-2006

"Used to have a bunch of underware, but wore them out"
Now,THERE'S a mental picture!!!
Let us hope you meant to say that you have replaced them with non-tie dyes??

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - bjcotton - 07-30-2006

Geez Cynthia Let me tell you a funny story. We were doing a show [my sis has a tie dye business] on the Oregon coast, I was taking a break outside. I was wearing a matching outfit...tie dyed California Baggies, t-shirt, socks and canvas shoes. All tie dyed in kind of a blotchy blue...looked like clouds in the sky. This woman [just a little drunk] walked up and slurred, "I'll bet your underwear is tie dyed too!" I said, "No ma'am, they just white." She kept bugging me until I said, "Lady, I told you they were white, now leave me alone!" She wandered off and then returned with her boyfriend about 10 minutes later. She said, "There he is! I still bet his underwear are tie dyed." I looked at her, jerked my pants to my ankles, lifted up my shirt and said, "See, I told you they were white!" Everyone around me got a good laugh out of that!

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - farnfam - 07-30-2006

Excellent BillyJ. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - DFen911 - 07-31-2006

LOL Billy! That took guts I wish I could have been wait..maybe not...

Re: Ain't I Purdy? - bjcotton - 07-31-2006

By the time I got to jerking my pants down, I was pritty mad For the next several years, I made sure all my matching outfits had matching underwear Now, I'm too old and don't care!