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Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - cjs - 07-26-2006

We are so lucky in Port Angeles to have the number of wonderful eating spots for such a small town - what a group of foodies we dropped anchor in the midst of!!!

Last night finally made it to a little wine bar/restaurant called Bella Italia that we had up till then just stopped in to wine taste. But last night, dinner!!

Roy & I almost always order different entrees so we can taste more, but both of us just went gaga over their description of one of the 'specials' -

"Roasted beet and goat cheese ravioli in saffron creme fraiche. Served with seared sea scallops"

Oh my, the raviolis were just wonderful and now I just have to recreate these at home. And the scallops seared nicely brown, but just perfectly done and not over cooked.

We had a bottle of Walla Walla Vintners, Columbia Valley Sangiovese and what a wondeful match it was.

We took a dessert home with us - a chocolate mousse, can't remember how the waitstaff described it, but when we got home and opened this beautiful gift box, there was a huge bowl-shaped tuile filled with the mousse. It was gorgeous and delicious!!

Dessert always seems to taste better when you can curl up in your jammies and eat it while you watch a copied episode of Closure - love that show.

We had a wonderful date nite!!!

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - TwilightKitten - 07-26-2006

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful evening! I sure could use some of that chocolate mousse right now. And when you perfect your ravioli, would you please post the recipe? Billy has made me a beet fan...I never would have thought I'd ever call myself that.

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - Roxanne 21 - 07-26-2006

And how romantic to boot!!!! I would love to know more about that chocolate mousse tuille----sounds to die for!!

SCALLOPS!!!!! I'm drooling!!!! (and soooo jealous!)

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - Harborwitch - 07-26-2006

My goodness that sounds so good,and like so much fun! Add me to the list that'd love the recipe. Beets are a favorite around here.

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - DFen911 - 07-26-2006

Wow that sounds like a wonderful evening and fantastic food!

It never ceases to amze me how much our memories are tied in with food and sounds like you two just created another special one

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - bjcotton - 07-26-2006

That sounds just wonderful Jean. I'm so glad two of my favorite people had such a good time.

Oooh, oooh, I found a recipe for a Red Beet Cake by Maida Heatter. Anyone want the recipe? I have to wait until it's beet time here to try it.

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - vannin - 07-27-2006

Me, I do Billy. I do IdoIdo.

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - Lorraine - 07-28-2006

"We had a wonderful date nite!!! "

It sounds wonderful, Jean!!!

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - madmax - 07-28-2006

ohhhh please ewwwww, some of us don't want to hear of our parents "date-nite" couldn't you just say you had a "nice dinner together" Oops sorry off topic I'll go back to my corner

Re: Wonderful Dinner Last Night! - Lorraine - 07-28-2006

"don't want to hear of our parents "date-nite"

But, it's so cool!!!! I was home alone that night, and I think I had a leftover hotdog. Now, which would you rather hear about?