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Oven Smoked Salmon - cjs - 07-26-2006

So easy, so good!!

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Marlene (da Cook) Cochran from the Yukon's recipe

Salmon, dressed
Brown sugar
Kosher salt
Liquid smoke
(qtys. depend on size/number of salmon pieces)

Split the salmon along the backbone.
Remove the backbone and ribcage. Remove pin bones.
Leave skin on. Slice each side into 2" sections.

Lay the pcs. on a sheet pan; coat with brown sugar.
Sprinkle with kosher salt & liquid smoke.
You will be rinsing this off later, so be generous.
Cover w/plastic wrap & refrigerate for at least 12 hours.

Rinse the salmon pcs, pat dry, and place on cooling racks, which have been sprayed with vegetable spray.
Place in a 150 F. oven, until the salmon flesh takes on a translucent look, leaving the door open a crack to let moisture out.

This should take 6-8 hours, depending the thickness of the pieces.
Refrigerate for short-term use, freeze airtight for longer storage.

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - Lorraine - 07-26-2006

Thanks, Jean! I had forgotten about this one!

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - Roxanne 21 - 07-26-2006

What's liquid smoke and where does one find it???

Any alternative?? This recipe sure looks great!! AND we have salmon a-plenty here!!

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - Lorraine - 07-26-2006

I buy it in a bottle at any grocery store. It smells exactly like ...well....smokey bbq! Great to add to bbq sauce for wings. Not sure what you could sub.

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - cjs - 07-26-2006

Probably the only thing you could sub would be to go back to the long version of smoking fish - with soaked wood chips in a smoker. Using the liquid smoke is what let's this be so easy.

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - vannin - 07-26-2006

Thank you Jean, appreciated.

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - Roxanne 21 - 07-27-2006

I was afraid you would say that-----now I have to get some sort of smoker I guess. I was waiting until our return to States before this investment (and better quality availability). But then again, I will ask Mom to send me a bottle in her next care package. What is the shelf life?
Must be rather long, just a guess.

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - cjs - 07-27-2006

Oh roxanne, don't go to the expense of buying a smoker there and especially when you have to pay to get it home again!! A care pkg. with liquid smoke in it is the perfect solution - I think the stuff will last longer that you or I wil!!

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - farnfam - 07-28-2006

Jean, Does this recipe give you a lox type of salmon. I thought maybe not since it's dry when it's done. Sooo, does anyone know how to make lox? (the kind you put on bagels)
I'd love to know more about this process
Thanks, Cis

Re: Oven Smoked Salmon - cjs - 07-28-2006

No Cis, it doesn't - I too, would love to learn that method.

Maybe time for a little research, eh??