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Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - vannin - 07-24-2006

I am a great grandmother!!!! Lizzies' sheep Phoenix had twins this morning, a little girl and a little boy. They haven't figured out their feet yet, but in a couple of days they will be spRINGing around. About 3 kgs each, but they haven't been weighed. I didn't weigh my babies when they were born either, (and sheep have wool, not scales) I had the 2 boys at home. Phoenix brought them forward to Liz so proudly, and offered them for cuddles. She is so tame. Emily is tame too, and about ready to drop, and Other One is not tame, was not a reject, so was not hand reared. She also is ready to drop. Her ram is very tame, he was a reject, and has grown to be the best ram in the district according to the other farmers. Isn't it wonderful, isn't it amazing, isn't it exciting.

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - Bizymomma - 07-24-2006

Congratulations...G.G. (that's what my husbands grandmother prefers the greats to call her...she is 97) The little ones have not ever known how come she went by the name "geegee" but when you see her sign her name...LOL G.G. Neece...

Mrs. Dale, wish I was there to hold them!

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - Lorraine - 07-25-2006

Congrats, Dale!

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Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - cjs - 07-25-2006

my first thot also, Steve....spring lamb!!

Congrats to ya'all, Dale!

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - dollop - 07-25-2006

How adorable little lambs are!! They are certainly born with "springs" in their little feet. Special little creatures they are...enjoy those little bundles for me, as I have fond memories of the little stinkers!

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - DFen911 - 07-25-2006

Major Congrats!!

I want to see pictures soon too You need a big family shot now.

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - bjcotton - 07-25-2006

Are you going to make me eat one when I get there? They do look cute, from a distance

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - Roxanne 21 - 07-25-2006

Don't y'all just love a beautiful spring lamb roast???

I grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and we raised all of those wonderful creatures to slaughter and freeze for those cold winter comfort dinners---huge family!!! I was always extremely upset when we lost one of my favorite pets that I had hand fed and nurtured----still won't do the veal thing!!

Dale---pictures would be awesome---baby anything are soo very cute and cuddly---do you shear on your farm?? New Zealand lamb is supposed to be the BEST in the world!!! (Next to the Kiwis, of course!!)

Re: Announcement - bugles - trumpets. - vannin - 07-25-2006

LOL we don't have a farm, we only have six acres +. You can look at it on Shane can sent some pictures to Billy, who can Post them. But not until Lizzies birthday on the 5th. She has a house, and twenty acres way out in the wop wops. About an hour from here.

Billy m' darlin' I would never make you eat anything you don't care for, But you might try a frenched lamb cutlet for me. You said the mere smell made you ill, but there is no smell to speak of. Truly. Maybe you would like it coated in fresh breadcrumbs with chopped rosemary and mint.