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Thank you!! - Bizymomma - 07-06-2006

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! It was a pleasant day. DH, the kids and I went out for lunch, then he took me to dinner at Rolando's (Equador/Cuban food) I had the tilapia dish! Very tasty...

Anyway, DH got me an eliptical trainer for my gift! LOL I've been wanting one so I was okay with that, not taking any insult at all! LOL

Thanks again to all of my foodie family who loves me!

Re: Thank you!! - DFen911 - 07-06-2006

Sounds like you had a great day

Let me know how you like that trainer.

Re: Thank you!! - cjs - 07-06-2006

Glad you had a good day!! Is the eliptical trainer that circle thang?? Well, I'll race you on my old treadmill!!

Re: Thank you!! - bjcotton - 07-06-2006

I'm glad your day was as special as you are.

Re: Thank you!! - dollop - 07-06-2006

I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

Re: Thank you!! - farnfam - 07-06-2006

Glad to hear you had a wonderful day Ang. Wishing you many many more too.
I love my eliptical thingy (Gazzelle I think), hoping you will enjoy yours too.

Re: Thank you!! - Roxanne 21 - 07-07-2006

SOOOO happy that you had a pleasant day with your family---special times!!

I'm also curious 'bout that "thang"---

Re: Thank you!! - Bizymomma - 07-09-2006

An eliptical trainer is a cross between a treadmill and a stair master. You walk/climb sorta in a smoother way. Stairmasters can be hard on your knees. An eliptical trainer gives you a smoother circular up/down walking motion! LOL....kinda hard to explain!

Re: Thank you!! - Roxanne 21 - 07-11-2006

Thanx for the explanation, Angela. I will definitely check this out for our old bodies are not what they used to be--