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Roulades - DFen911 - 06-05-2006

Ok I am screwing something up here. I tried the chicken roulades. I got my chicken breasts, trimmed them as instructioned and each was 6-7 ounces. Now for the tricky part..stay with me folks...

1 - It says to cut the chicken breasts in half horizontally. I am having a heck of a time doing this! I even tried partially freezing the meat, which worried me because they had already been frozen. But what I didn't understand was - Was the meat I was to pound thin suppose to be 6 ounces or was the whole chicken breast prior to slicing suppose to be 6 ounces. 3 ounces isn't much meat.

2 - So the pounding part. Ok with the smaller piece of meat I began pounding it with not too much force so I wouldn't break through it. That didn't work. So began hitting it a bit harder which seem to start flattening it, but as I hit the edges the darn then practially exploded into a mush. Then I thought the part I'm suppose to pound should be 6 ounces not this piddly 3 ounce thing. (My chicken breasts are usually 10 ounces + each)

I put them between the plastic wrap, I tried the metal pounder, smooth side. Someone suggested once to use a wooden rolling pin. All to no avail. I end up with mashed chicken.

What am I doing wrong and anyone want to come over and help?


Re: Roulades - CHEFDAVID - 06-05-2006

Give me your recipe. Give me a few days to look at it. Roulades? Chicken breasts can be tricky if you start trimming them. We have to get to the bottom of your chicken 'mush'! I'm not sure about your dish-need more info.


Re: Roulades - DFen911 - 06-05-2006

It's the recipe in the latest issue. I think on page 20.

Thanks David!

Re: Roulades - bjcotton - 06-05-2006

Chicken ***** are sneaky things ya know. I use a rubber mallet and go from the thicker part of the breast to the outter edge, making the pounding lighter and lighter as I go out. It seems to me to be easier to pound if I do it on the bottom side of the breast.

Welcome David. Good to have another knowledge base.

Re: Roulades - Old Bay - 06-05-2006

Go to This for the pork but it may help.

Re: Roulades - CHEFDAVID - 06-05-2006

I don't have page 20, just subscribed. Sorry!


Re: Roulades - TwilightKitten - 06-05-2006

I think this is the was posted on an earlier thread:

Re: Roulades - DFen911 - 06-05-2006

Hey Old Bay, yes I watch the video but one thing I noticed is pork has a much 'denser' consistancy.

My offer still stands..anyone want to come over and do these for me?

Ok fine... I think I'm gonna end up buying a package and practicing over and over, and anything I ruin will end up chicken salad

Re: Roulades - esgunn - 06-06-2006

Don't over think it. I made the chicken roulades tonight. Fabulous! I think my chicken breasts tend to be on the large side, I didn't weigh them. Sliced in half. Pounded - I used a rollingpin instead of my usual textured mallet. Worked pretty good. They were not perfect - didn't stay together perfect - but it just seemed to work out. It was delicious and we loved it. The tomato sauce was great - ceasar was good, chicken very tender and moist. Really good.

We made the pork roulades last week - also very good. Again, I got them a little thin - the leaked a little. But, it was still very good.

Another similar recipe was the italian chicken from one or two issues ago. Chicken stuffed with provolone, wrapped in prociuto. Excellent.

Re: Roulades - cjs - 06-06-2006

"Trim off and discard 1 inch of the tail end of the breast--it's too narrow to pound out. With the knife blade parallel to the cutting board, horizontally slice each breast in half lengthwise. Season, and roll each with a piece of mozzarella inside. If the cheese pieces are too big, the chicken won't enclose it properly."

I'm not home, so can't see the mag. recipe, but I don't see from the posted recipe why you would split them in half AND pound them. I don't see where it calls for pounding.

The ingredients called for 4 6-oz. chicken breasts, so after halving you would be working with approx. a 3-oz piece.

When I have to pound meat, I use the side of my cleaver, it seems to be a much softer way to keep the chix all in one piece.

In addition, I wouldn't cut off the end tip they mention, I would just angle my knife up at that end and leave it on one of the halves - does that make sense to you? And be careful pounding near the edges of the meat.