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New Kid In Town - CHEFDAVID - 06-05-2006


Have a day off and have read your posts. I'm very impressed with what I have read. I go into people's homes to teach in groups or privately. Have great support from our local chefs. Not really familiar with this site yet. Just got to jump in. I posted some info on brining, but I wasn't detailed enough. Apologies! Will be more prepared next time. Have enjoyed your enthusiasm and support for one another. I'm here to help and learn!


Re: New Kid In Town - Old Bay - 06-05-2006

Glad you're here!! Another brain to pick. Love your attitude.

Re: New Kid In Town - CHEFDAVID - 06-05-2006

Thank you!
I will always be at your service. I have very good resources to draw from, and good experience from chefs. To help & learn will hopefully keep me sharp. That's my goal. Don't pick my brain too much-not enough there to begin with!



Re: New Kid In Town - TwilightKitten - 06-05-2006

Welcome, David! Your enthusiasm is also appreciated as is your sense of humor! I hope you stick around!

Re: New Kid In Town - CHEFDAVID - 06-05-2006

Old Bay,

Tried to send you a post, but I'm not sure it got through! My Dad grew up in Kerrville. I was a L/H S7 for 15 yrs. The insurance industry is the best thing since sliced bread! I appreciate your dedication to such a fine profession. I was a state-licensed instructor for pre-licensed training for L/H & P/C & S6 & 7. Had a pass ratio of 87%. Did CE classes too. Wrote 'Pensions & Profit Sharing' and 'Retirement Planning' for Indiana.

Keep up your good work- the people need you!


Re: New Kid In Town - Old Bay - 06-05-2006

I got your post and replied--again, thanks for the kind words.

Re: New Kid In Town - Bizymomma - 06-05-2006

Welcome David! It's awesome to have professionals chime in! I'm just a stay-at-home mom who would LOVE to go to culinary my next life!

Re: New Kid In Town - mlucas1 - 06-05-2006

Welcome, David! I'm still fairly new to this forum too but I have really enjoyed the shared information and camraderie so far. I love CAH and I hope you will too!

Re: New Kid In Town - dollop - 06-06-2006

Welcome, David! I am another newbie to this forum but wanted to say, "Helloooo!" I'm sure everyone will enjoy your trained "eye." I hope to share ideas with you as well.

Re: New Kid In Town - cjs - 06-06-2006

Welcome to c@h David - good to see another contributor!!

So, you're a personal chef? How long have you been at it? Are you by chance affiliated with APCA? Have some friends thru that organization.