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A note to you all. - vannin - 05-15-2006

I am sorry dear people, I cannot stay on subject, the best I can hope for is your patience and tolerence. When I go wandering please ignore or redirect me. I do try though. Sort of. It's just my mind remembers things, and they leak out of my fingers. It really is quite a bother to us all. 'tis. And it is my fault. Forgiveness please. I will try not to do it.

Re: A note to you all. - TwilightKitten - 05-15-2006

You are the sweetest thing. Ramble all you want...we love your stories! I particularly enjoyed reading about your dear little very touching.

Re: A note to you all. - bjcotton - 05-15-2006

It is said that the first thing to go is the mind Dale It looks like your fingers are following along

Re: A note to you all. - vannin - 05-15-2006

An enchanting reply TW. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Now where on this earth did I put the darn thing. I still have a pulse. Maybe Shane has put it in the garage. I will check. I didn't think disassociated hearts worked this well. Aha, there it is, soaking with the paint brushes. (ok, I am kidding). Humour doesn't travel well. Well, my humour anyway.

As for Billy, I will GET him, and feed him Lamb, and Fish. And other things, like 'gater. Hehehehehehe...

Re: A note to you all. - farnfam - 05-16-2006

Dale, Tammy said it very well. You are a most enjoyable asset to our foodie family. I think we've all gained and learned from the diverse cooking, eating, and writing styles of everyone in the group. It can be cold and hard out there, but it's cozy and warm in this group's kitchen

Re: A note to you all. - cjs - 05-16-2006

Banter on dear lady - it matters not whether we can understand even half....

Re: A note to you all. - vannin - 05-16-2006

You are all very Kind, very kind indeed. It certainly is warm and cosy in here, Raining outside, hurling down, like it is trying to give the ground a hiding. No draughts here, warm, cosy, and I know, safe. All pillows and cushions, fireplaces and soup. I would like a piece of bread with that please, it's getting cold over here.

Re: A note to you all. - Old Bay - 05-16-2006

Wax on Dale my friend--winter approaches you but you have that wonderful ability to enjoy it. I love the sun for it warms my bones and I love the rain for it washes my soul. Being in the land of the sun I know the joy of winters approach. I dub you poet laureate of New Zealand.

Re: A note to you all. - vannin - 05-16-2006

Oh, my dear friends, how you make me laugh, perhaps even drop a tear. My daughter Elizabeth, showed me a photo the other day, of Peter. He is on his way down my arm to crawl up my sleeve. It brought all the memories back. He liked sleeping up my sleeve, with his tail hanging out. People didn't really know what to say when they saw it, and I never said anything. The strangest thing is, no-one ever said 'there is a rats tail hanging out of your sleeve'. People are quite odd at times, aren't they ;Þ