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chicken skin - Walt - 05-12-2006

Many chicken recipes utilize the skin, but with the sole exception of baked chicken we remove the skin and fat before cooking. Doesn't make sense to bite into fried chicken, for instance, and all the delicious goodies are sticking to the skin rather than the meat.

Being a long-term cardiac patient, the dieticians all recommend against eating chicken skin or fat.

Comments, anyone?


Re: chicken skin - cjs - 05-12-2006

Welcome to c@h, Walt!! good to see another new face!!

"Being a long-term cardiac patient" - me, too!

Well, I'll start off and see where this thread goes...should be interesting!

I cook witht the skin left on about half the time and depending on how I'm prepping it. Imo, the skin adds so much flavor, that I prefer it, but I bow to the cardiologist and monitor myself.

When I leave the skin on, I season under the skin and the top of the skin both, so I have the flavor and moisture. We rarely eat the skin (well maybe just a taste), when I do leave it on. Except turkey - there is no way I would throw all the crispy wonderfulness away.

But...moderation in all things - as Miss Julia always said and I won't not eat something because it may be unhealthy, just eat a heck of a lot less of it.

and that's my comment...

Re: chicken skin - Roxanne 21 - 05-12-2006

WELCOME Walt!!! Nice to have a new family member here---and hope you will join in often. Interesting topic!!

I rarely cook any chicken with the skin---VERY occasionally I will make my hubby's favorite fried chicken recipe---but that's it!!! Most everything else is skinless chicken dishes and they have been fantastic--- as your cardiologist and cjs say---MODERATION!!! With all of the information available today, it seems as though everything has its consequences--even the air we breathe--sooo--- enjoy what you can with intelligence and practicality. A little bit can't be overly harmful--

How on earth did you get from Washington to the Gulf Coast?? That's quite the change!!

Again, welcome and we'll see you around!!

Re: chicken skin - vannin - 05-12-2006

I always cook it with the skin on if roasting one. But in a casserole, or kebabs and so on I take the skin off. We haven't got any heart troubles around here, I just prefer it that way. I have been a long time proponent of sufficient appropriate fat in the diet. It is too often replaced with sugar IMHO. to enhance flavour.

Re: chicken skin - vannin - 05-12-2006

Where are my manners? Welcome to the site Walt, hope you stick around and enjoy as we do.

Re: chicken skin & quiche - Walt - 05-12-2006

Thanks, all, for the nice welcome you guys gave me. I guess the answer to my question sums up as 'personal preference.' Good enough for me.

Here's another one. Salt is an absolute no-no for me, and generally I've found no need to substitute anything in its place. Being born and raised on the Gulf Coast - after retiring we moved to Port Angeles, WA as we love that area -
after losing my beloved wife to lung cancer I moved back to the coast to be near children and grandchildren, the usual excuse for being where one doesn't want to be - I have an affinity for Cayenne peper, and just a tiny bit in most non-sweet dishes adds enough flavor that salt is not missed.

Another heart healthy change being urged on us is the use of white wholewheat flour in place of regular white. As a long-term customer of King Arthur Flour I've used white whole wheat for some breads for some time. Recently I chanced upon a recipe for aspaaragus quiche, which I made with mixed results. I found out that white whole wheat flour is a no-no for pie crusts. Having omitted the salt and adding a touch of Cayenne, the filling was fine, but I've gotta go back to the drawing board for the crust.

Again, my thanks.


Re: chicken skin & quiche - farnfam - 05-12-2006

Tsk, tsk, Where are MY manners? My wolf background once again, lo siento!

Re: chicken skin & quiche - cjs - 05-12-2006

You're in Port Angeles??? I'm in Port Angeles! Well, not right this minute - we're on a 6 state/4 + week swing around the west coast. Will be home ~18th or 19th - maybe we can all get together for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine sometime.

As far as salt goes - I was supposed to cut out salt, but as a professional cook, no way was that going to happen, so for the last 15 years, I've just been really very careful of the intake and I don't use any extraneous products - just everyday Kosher salt and lots of other seasonings and never a salt shaker on the table, EXCEPT for two dishes I can not eat without salt added at the last minute. And, the Dr. has mentioned a number of times I could be a poster 'child' for good health!! I'm doing something right

Re: chicken skin & quiche - cjs - 05-12-2006

Uh....I think I read that incorrectly...where are you now? east coast??

Re: chicken skin & quiche - vannin - 05-12-2006

We don't get that flour here, one goes whole wheat, or white. Our white is not as pure as yours, a law passed in 1890 or so forbid the removal of some properties, so it is nearly white, not white.