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Cooking Question - losblanos1 - 07-12-2018

My question is "What's for dinner tonight?" Lol!

I'm making chicken satay with peanut sauce and pineapple rice.

RE: Cooking Question - Harborwitch - 07-12-2018

Sneaky!  LOL Big Grin Big Grin  That sounds really good Blane.  

Tonight is Instant Pot Sweet & Sour Chicken and stir fried green beans & snow peas.  I have some leftover Cilantro Lime rice (Zatarainnes, an excellent cheat!) and I have a bit of Chili Crab in the freezer so perhaps a fried rice?  It will depend on how long I can hold out before slamming dinner on the table . . . I am STARVING!

RE: Cooking Question - Mare749 - 07-13-2018

We had a package of ham in pineapple sauce in the freezer, so thawed that to put over jasmine rice and steamed some asparagus.

RE: Cooking Question - Harborwitch - 07-14-2018

Sounds really good Maryann!  I keep looking at ham at the grocery store and then keep walking . . . I don't know why.  Now I am even more disappointed in my judgement.

RE: Cooking Question - Mare749 - 07-14-2018

We watch for when the price is especially low and pick one up. I dress it up with cloves, brown sugar and pineapple rings and bake it in the oven for a while. Then, I make ham gravy with all the drippings. We usually have one dinner with mashed potatoes, vegetables, ham and the gravy. After that, it all gets sliced down and packaged in small food saver packages with a bit of the gravy.

I do the same thing with pork shoulder roasts, beef roasts, and roasted turkey. I have been packing Ron's lunch for over 20 years now as he rarely eats fast food and deli meats have a lot of salt. To keep his lunch interesting, I buy different kinds of breads and rolls, cheeses, and pickles. In cold weather, he also gets a thermos of soup, and in hot weather he gets cut up fresh fruit. The guys he works with are always amazed by his lunches. Big Grin

RE: Cooking Question - Harborwitch - 07-15-2018

You are a good wife!  

One of our favorite sandwich meats was an eye of round that we cooked sous vide for about 30 hours at 129.  We thinly sliced it on the slicer and had wonderful roast beef sandwiches.  We ought to start doing it again, less junk in it.  I've got a big corned beef flat in the freezer - I should thaw it out, de-brine it, and get it smoked and cooked sous vide.  That'll make some wonderful sandwich meat.  Like "butter"!

RE: Cooking Question - Mare749 - 07-16-2018

LOL, Sharon. I do my best! Wink

I have never heard of de-brining a corned beef then smoking it. Might need to research that. Your method for cooking an eye of round sounds amazing. When I was a kid, my parents somehow acquired a really good meat slicer. My mom would put a rub on an eye of round and roast it until just medium rare, make a very light gravy. and slice it thin on that meat slicer. Oh my!

RE: Cooking Question - Harborwitch - 07-22-2018

De-brining a corned beef takes some of the salt out so that it isn't too salty.  It's necessary when you are smoking or cooking sous vide because the meat isn't cooking in a lot of liquid that leeches out some of the saltiness.    I rub ours with a nice coating of coarse ground toasted black peppercorns & coriander seeds.  The consensus is to smoke for a couple hours then bag it and sous vide.  Smoking first intensifies the smoke throughout the meat.  It makes the perfect pastrami!

RE: Cooking Question - Mare749 - 07-23-2018

Oh, I'm sure it does! Big Grin Yummmm.

RE: Cooking Question - BarbaraS - 07-23-2018

Really?  Because we've sous vide'd corned beef twice now for 48 hours each time and it doesn't taste salty at all!  It's the best d@mned corn beef I've ever had.  Can't wait to do short ribs!