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What's for dinner 7/5/2018 - Mare749 - 07-05-2018

Sorry I've been MIA. Temporarily lost interest in cooking. I need some motivation and some old/new ideas.

We don't eat a lot of beef except for hamburgers and a steak for Ron once a week. Occasionally, I get a taste for a roast beef sandwich. So, will be putting a pot roast in my cast iron dutch oven and cooking it in the basement oven which is the only oven I use in hot weather. I will slice it down and make gravy for "french dip" sandwiches and maybe some tots to go with. A couple of cold ones to round things out. Big Grin

RE: What's for dinner 7/5/2018 - losblanos1 - 07-05-2018

Glad you're still here Maryann. Smile

I think that everyone goes through that lack of enthusiasm when it comes to cooking, once and awhile.

I have another Tomahawk Rib-eye, so I'm going to reverse sear it like the last one. It will be served on a cutting board with a knife and Béarnaise Sauce. A very casual dinner. Big Grin

RE: What's for dinner 7/5/2018 - Harborwitch - 07-05-2018

Maryann I've had long periods like that . . .  lots of them when we were at the golf course.  It's nice to feel like cooking again.

Tonight I am playing with a white bean soup with jowl bacon, onion, garlic, yellow squash & kale.  It's nice to be able to throw a great soup together without heating up the motor home.  My mind has been playing with this soup idea all day . . . variations, plans and ideas all changed when we went to the store - jowl bacon!  OMG!  This stuff is a major flavor bomb.