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What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - losblanos1 - 06-23-2018

Tonight my wife is making the Chicken Bistro Cakes from a Cuisine at Home Weeknight Menus cook book, but with an Almond Butter Sauce, instead of the Concassé. I'm making Maque Choux for the side dish.

RE: What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - Mare749 - 06-24-2018

Another dish that I need to make!  That was a much discussed recipe a few years ago and I think it may have been someone's birthday dinner.  Thanks for bringing it up, Blane.

We went to Pittsburgh yesterday for an anniversary party for Ron's uncle, for 20 years as a Catholic priest. He was married and raised 7 children. His wife developed early onset Alzheimer's in her 50's and died. Don decided to become a priest after she died. So, his family invited us to come to his party yesterday.

It was catered and the food was excellent.  Three types of pasta, meatballs, chicken parm, a beautiful mixed greens salad, a fresh fruit salad, a cheese board, as well as a vegetable tray. For dessert they had white cake, chocolate cake, Boston cream pie, and assorted cookies.  It was an amazing spread with around a 100 in attendance.

When we got home late last night, we put a pork shoulder in the smoker to cook overnight.  Family is coming over today. Smile

RE: What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - losblanos1 - 06-24-2018

What a wonderful feast Maryann. It looks like your whole weekend is filled with Family, friends and food.

I ended up making French dips last night. Neither one of us felt like cooking.

RE: What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - Harborwitch - 06-24-2018

Maryann that sounds wonderful!  What a feast, and what a great story.  You are blessed to have an amazing family!

I remember that recipe, I think I made it and we liked it.

Last night we roasted a huge chicken with lemon and herbs.  We used the propane oven and it came out perfect.  Bob grilled some zucchini (from the farmers' market) that I marinated in olive oil & balsamic with fresh herbs from our "garden".   Bob got some amazing Kalamata Olive Sourdough at the market too - it's from our local bakery.  We both pigged out on it . . . and no gut reaction.

RE: What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - losblanos1 - 06-25-2018

That sounds delicious Sharon. I've always admired your level of cooking and menus.

RE: What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - Mare749 - 06-25-2018

So do I! Hoping you start feeling better, Sharon, so you can enjoy cooking again.

We had 18 for dinner last night, so the pork shoulder is mostly gone. Enough left for a couple sandwiches for Ron this week. It came out amazing, BTW.

Today, we are doing meatless Monday. Going to grill assorted veggies and put them on fresh pita bread with some hummus.

RE: What's Cookin? 6/23/18 - Harborwitch - 06-26-2018

Thank you Maryann.  I had a wonderful mentor who really encouraged me . . .  

Wow!  18 for dinner . . . that's amazing!  I hope you had lots of help!