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RE: Father's Day Menu - Harborwitch - 06-20-2018

Thank you Maryann!  I'm in prep mode for the "smart pill".

RE: Father's Day Menu - losblanos1 - 06-20-2018

I hope that smart pill is gluten free. Big Grin

RE: Father's Day Menu - Mare749 - 06-21-2018

Blane, you're funny! Big Grin LOL

Seriously, hope all goes well, Sharon. Heart

RE: Father's Day Menu - Grillseeker - 06-22-2018

If I have any room, I usually have those burgers with something light...some salad, pickles, etc. Depends on what me or the family are in the mood for cooking.

RE: Father's Day Menu - Mare749 - 06-22-2018

Nice website, Matt. I just read through the directions for your burgers and can only imagine the flavor they have when cooked.

Thanks for sharing your recipe and welcome to the forum. Hope you will stick around. We have been trying to get the forum up and going again the way it used to be.