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RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - losblanos1 - 06-08-2018

Cheeseburgers sound so good.

Dinner tonight is a grilled rib-eye with choron sauce and corn on the cob.

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Harborwitch - 06-08-2018

I haven't figured out how to post pictures either.

As kind of an homage to Chef Bourdain - Dan Dan Noodles. I will make the pasta from scratch, sub pork for the turkey. Since this is spur of the moment . . . steamed carrots and snow peas gotta love the IP!

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Mare749 - 06-09-2018

So incredibly sad about Anthony B. I don't even know what to say except that he will be missed by so many people. I've read most of his books, watched every one of his shows more than once. Like so many others, I thought his shows would go on for many more years.

Sharon, how did you like the Dan Dan noodles? Can't remember why, but that wasn't a favorite with us. I really need to keep better notes on these recipes.

Laura, why did you decide to buy a Weber Q? Was it so that you don't have to fire up the big grill all the time? I remember Jean talking about the one she had and how much she loved it, especially when traveling.

Blane, so nice to see you! We have all missed your spectacular pix that don't look quite the same on FB for some reason. Tell Carylann we would love to have her join us too. About the panzanella, yes, I'm pretty sure it was one that I picked for a birthday dinner. We love it in the warm weather.

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Harborwitch - 06-09-2018

I am really sad about A.B.  We are going to watch a binge showing of his shows on CNN tonight.  

We loved the Dan Dan Noodles.  I fired up the Phillips Pasta Machine and made spaghetti to make them. 
I forgot we didn't have chunky peanut butter so used a combination of cashew butter and sunflower butter.  Then 
remembered (this morning) that I had PBfit and could have used that.  

I can't wait to find out what's wrong with me, I really miss Panzanella.  Grrrrrrr.
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RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - losblanos1 - 06-09-2018

Really sad about A.B.. Loved his show.

Maryann, I checked my notes and yes, it was a B'day dinner and it was delicious. I use my phone for pictures now. Maybe I should go back to my camera.

Tonight, from a Cuisine at Home Lite cookbook, Carylann is making the peppered filets, potato confit and asparagus.

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Harborwitch - 06-09-2018

Your pictures are always amazing and droolworthy!

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Harborwitch - 06-09-2018

Today was one of those days . . . nothing went right and all of my plans for dinner went "pfffffffft".   

So . . . "brain failure dinner"!  Oh gawd, can I do this . . .  creamed tuna & peas on rice with fresh beets & dill butter.  Please don't judge Rolleyes

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Mare749 - 06-10-2018

We had chicken thighs on the smoker tonight. Put a sprinkle of Tony C's on both sides and that was it. Simple but absolutely delicious.

I made some risotto in the instant pot for the first time. It was okay, but would have been better if I had left it alone. The recipe I was using said to cook for 6 minutes, then quick release. I thought it needed another minute, so stupidly gave it 2. By that time it was all clumped together instead of being loose and creamy. Duh! The recipe called for shiitake mushrooms and they added great flavor. A little Parm and cracked pepper to finish. Next time I'll know better. It really is amazing that you can cook risotto in 6 minutes though.

Blane, your pix are always amazing no matter what camera you are using. The trouble with posting them on FB is that they just aren't as big and colorful as they are on the forum which makes me want to lick the screen. As for the panzanella salad, the more I'm thinking about that, maybe I didn't pick it, but I do remember making it. Huh And loving it! Tongue

RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - losblanos1 - 06-10-2018


RE: What's on the Menu 06/04 - 06/10? - Mare749 - 06-10-2018

Thanks, Blane. Big Grin

Since we're on the subject anyway....what kind of sausage do all of you use in the panzanella? We like it with a medium hot Italian sausage.

Also wondering what kind of lettuce everyone is using these days? We're still afraid to eat romaine, so have been using a lot of spinach and mixed greens instead.