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Dinner 1-22-18 to 1-28-18 - Harborwitch - 01-23-2018

Tonight is another Chef Benny Doro dinner - Tandoori Salmon.  Benny served it with a cucumber salad very similar to one in C@H several years ago.  I added Cilantro Lime Rice.

The salmon was amazing - perfect for an appetizer.  Next time I will use the same Tandoori paste, but use larger pieces of fish.  As usual, that cucumber salad was so refreshing and perfect with the salmon.

RE: Dinner 1-22-18 to 1-28-18 - Mare749 - 01-24-2018

Oops, once again I posted in the wrong thread. Tonight we had "goulash" which is a comfort food recipe from my childhood. And, it was very comforting! Big Grin

Sharon, when you get a chance, would you look at last week's thread. I asked a couple of questions about sous vide. Thanks.

RE: Dinner 1-22-18 to 1-28-18 - Harborwitch - 01-24-2018

I replied Maryann!

Today I took the leftover salmon and made a curried salmon salad for Bob's lunch sandwich.  The flavor was awesome and I have to say that Benny's Tandoori seasoning recipe rocks!  I have some from Penzeys that is nowhere near as awesome!

Tonight my back was having way too much fun . . .  not!  Home fries and shrimp & cheddar omelets. At $7.95 a lb we could get really used to these lovely little shrimp on a regular basis.  They are so fresh!  The crab boats went out this week so we are looking forward to crab . . . there is a boat that sells it right on the dock so . . .  Tongue Big Grin

RE: Dinner 1-22-18 to 1-28-18 - Gourmet_Mom - 01-24-2018

Isn’t it wonderful, Sharon?  I, too, am glad to be back near the ocean!  Sadly, we don’t have your wonderful Dunganess Crab here.

We have been having large late lunches this week, so dinner has not been a big deal.  I didn’t even eat dinner last night.  Tonight, I’m pulling some chili out of the freezer.  Today was Shrimp Special Day at our favorite seafood place.  Two generous plates of shrimp with two sides and a drink for $9.00!  YUM!

RE: Dinner 1-22-18 to 1-28-18 - Harborwitch - 01-26-2018

OMG!  Daphne that is quite the deal on the shrimp! We are pigging out on bay shrimp and plan on nailing some crabs this weekend.  I am hoping the weather is good enough that the organic mushroom vendors will be in the harbor I have my heart set on black trumpet mushrooms.  

Night before last as a simple steak dinner.  We split a New York (sous vide 1 hour at 129, then flash seared and served with melted truffle butter.  Cheesey polenta and fresh asparagus finished the meal.

Last night was ChiliMac with corn.  Old Bay got us hooked on Wolf brand chili with a Secret Santa box so we found some in a local store and got really happy.

RE: Dinner 1-22-18 to 1-28-18 - Harborwitch - 01-29-2018

Sunday dinner . . . A huge salad with green leaf lettuce, hard cooked, eggs, red onion, blanched asparagus & 1000 Island dressing - and we split a beautiful fresh crab and butter.   Safeway was out of crabs so we went to the harbor, paid a little more but had a nice lunch.  Bob had an Oyster Po'Boy and a cup of chowder.  I had fresh fish tacos and a very nice salad.   

Sadly the mushroom season is over . . .  Sad