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RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Gourmet_Mom - 01-15-2018

Sharon, that sounds really good!

I didn’t do much cooking this week.  I did do Hamburger Pie one night and William did School House Soup today.  And of course, we had steak night Friday.  Hoping to do more cooking this week. Blush

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Harborwitch - 01-16-2018

Daphne that is one of our favorite chicken thigh recipes - awesome.  

Last night we had an amazing Paella recipe with fresh clams & mussels & some large shrimp I had in the freezer.  The whole dinner took about 30 mins.  

Tonight is a big salad with local bay shrimp, hard boiled egg, onions & celery with a classic 1000 Island dressing.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Mare749 - 01-16-2018

Thanks for sharing the chicken recipe, Sharon. It sounds delicious and I will be saving it for future use. So you think we should start a new thread for the week or just extend the date?

We had babyback ribs with a fabulous BBQ Mustard Sauce that Jean had given me to try. Really tasty! Ribs went into the Instant Pot for 25 minutes then sauced and a quick broil. Yummy.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/21 - Harborwitch - 01-17-2018

I just extended the date Maryann.

Last night we took a New York out of the freezer and dropped it in the "bucket" for an hour and a half at 128.  It got a cold water bath and then hit the screaming hot cast iron griddle.  To go with we had orecchiette with sauteed hedge hog mushrooms, peas and shaved Parm.  We got the mushrooms down in the harbor last weekend - spendy but we both agreed - probably the absolutely most flavorful mushroom ever.  We only got 1/2 lb - but if they have them this weekend we're splurging on a whole pound!  

Tonight is still up in the air.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - pjcooks - 01-17-2018

Well, Picky got "meat dressing"  (also know as Tortiere filing) sandwiches.  For kicks and for any stragglers who drop in, I made a beef, beer and bacon stew with tiny potatoes.  Cloves, allspice, tomato paste, mustard and apple cider vinegar rounded out the 603 India Ale sauce.  Yummy!!

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Harborwitch - 01-18-2018

I seriously meant to make Tourtiere this year.  The beef & bacon stew sound really good too.

I cannot believe I did this; we bought a whole tenderloin today and I planned on a stuffed tenderloin steak tonight - could not find the recipe for my life, I'd have sworn it was a C@H recipe.  I have some bay shrimp that I thought would be great.  Instead I did some buffalo chicken tenders, pizzza tater tots, and a healthy kale salad with gorgonzola dressing!  Burp.  Tomorrow I will deal with the tenderloin.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Mare749 - 01-19-2018

I took the meat off of l/o pork ribs and diced it up. Made a hot and spicy stir fry sauce and added it to the pork after browning it a bit and put it on top of rice. Had a side of stir fried fresh veggies and really good tangerines for dessert.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Harborwitch - 01-19-2018

That sounds really good Maryann.  I'm loving the "leftovers" themes.

We had country style ribs n kraut done in the pressure cooker.  The ribs were way to lean for this.  Luckily half of the package was to grind up and cook for Opie.  

Tonight - no matter what - we are having Steak Oscar with lovely local bay shrimp instead of crab.  I think the season has opened . . . but with the ocean conditions, I doubt the boats are out.  50' waves are not fun!  Our local grocery had whole tenderloins for $9.00 a lb so we splurged.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Trixxee - 01-19-2018

Doing some damage control after vacation though overall I think I was pretty good.  

I have never seen frozen flounder filets at Costco in all these years but did see them last time out so bought some.  I hope it's as good as I remember as a kid growing up on Long Island.  We just never see flounder here on the west coast.  A simple saute in butter, dredged in flour for a light crust.  Sauteed veggies on the side (zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, red onion).  And if we feel we need it a few sweet potato fries.

RE: Dinner 01/08/18 to 01/14/18 - Harborwitch - 01-20-2018

Good to see you again Trixxee! Your dinner sounds wonderful! 

We are having such a good time seeing all the fresh fish here - sole and all the wonderful fresh seafood!  I am guessing that flounder must be somewhere between halibut and sole?  

I need to stop planning an amazing dinner for Friday nights. We have a tenant that "drops by" for business on Friday or just to stop by.  He always brings a special treat from the brewery where he works and dinner gets put off . . . sigh.  

Years ago on a Secret Santa gift exchange Old Bay sent us some Wolf's Chili!  We found some the other day and tonight was chili cheese omelets with Wolf's Chili!  Stuffed and happy!