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Safety Check! - Harborwitch - 12-09-2017

Trixxee, Maryann, Daphne - everyone in the path of the fires and freezing weather - are you all OK?  Please take a moment when you can so that this old lady doesn't worry . . . .

RE: Safety Check! - Mare749 - 12-10-2017

Thanks for thinking of us, Sharon, but we're all good here. Only cold weather and a dusting of snow so far. The East coast is supposed to be affected by a snow storm though, so Daphne may actually see some snow this week. I think Trixxee probably has the scariest situation with the fires so near by.

RE: Safety Check! - Trixxee - 12-10-2017

Thanks for checking on everyone!  We are fine.  Nothing close by here like it was in September.  But my heart literally aches for the 47 horses (so far) that were lost in the "Lilac" fire in San Diego County.  It hit a thoroughbred training center and the fire was upon them like no one's business.  I'm amazed that no humans lost their lives trying to save all the horses that were in their stalls.

Ugh, very depressing.

RE: Safety Check! - Harborwitch - 12-12-2017

I'm glad you are all fine, my heart broke for those horses too.  My gawd the fear in their eyes.  Fire terrifies me.

RE: Safety Check! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-12-2017

i hadn’t heard about the horses!  So heart breaking!

I am fine, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be really cold tomorrow!  Don’t think there will be snow, though.