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DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Mare749 - 11-13-2017

What's for dinner?

Today is Ron's birthday and he wanted a pork roast. So, I got up early this morning to prep a pork shoulder roast and get it in the oven. Since this makes several meals, the l/os will get put into foodsaver bags for future meals. Will have mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and of course, birthday cake.

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - losblanos1 - 11-13-2017

Happy Birthday to Ron! What a great B'day dinner.

Dinner is beef filets, baked potatoes and broccoli.

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Trixxee - 11-13-2017

Happy Birthday to Ron!

Well, didn't get to the butter chicken last night - wound up snacking.  On the menu for tonight though!

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Gourmet_Mom - 11-13-2017

Cold and damp here, and someone mention chili last week.  I almost sidelined dinner that day!  Got it going tonight, though!

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Trixxee - 11-14-2017

Butter chicken has been on hold.  One of those weeks.  Tonight I want to make these little Japanese chicken patties but darn it - can't find the recipe.  It's always been hard to find for some reason.  I know it was on Epicurious or was it Cooking Light?  I'll probably just improvise anyway.  They have ground chicken, cilantro, water chestnuts for crunch, ginger, green onions, etc. and you bread them in panko and saute.  The original recipe calls for very small patties served on skewers but I never saw the point of that for just us.  I'd serve it over a bed of sauteed cabbage.

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Harborwitch - 11-14-2017

Happy Birthday Ron!  That dinner sounds amazing, I can almost smell it.

Last night everything went to #ell.  In going through the trailer (our 5 x 8 tow behind) we found that somehow mice got in . . . so we had to go through every box and I now have a ton of stuff to wash or clean somehow (pasta rollers?). Between Sunday and yesterday I got 3 or 4 sink loads of stuff from the trailer.  I am also getting everything mice might consider snack food into plastic canisters and labeling them.  

Long story short, after a good day at work and a trip to town for more packing supplies and necessities (milk, mushrooms, etc) we got home to a sink full of dishes & "stuff" to be washed and a general mess.  Cocktails bring inspiration.  I had some leftover butternut squash that needed cooking, a big chunk of red onion, a single potato . . . and a can of corned beef we found on sale at Walmart.  Corned beef hash & eggs for dinner.  I tossed in a couple spoonfulls of horseradish toward the end of cooking the hash.  Win!

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Mare749 - 11-15-2017

Ron thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Smile

Dinner tonight will be beer can chicken. It's a bit chilly for grilling, but Ron wants to put it on the grill anyway with a bit of smoke. Rice pilaf and fresh broccoli for sides.

Sorry you had such a bad day, Sharon. Hope the rest of packing gets better.

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Harborwitch - 11-15-2017

Thank you Maryann.

Yesterday was a great day at work, so not a whole lot of packing got done.  Dinner last night was a wonderful Kielbasa with onions & kraut and some mashed potatoes.  Yum.

Today we're making our Oregon run . . . and bi-monthly shopping trip then home to start packing some more stuff.  I have 2 beautiful Eye of Round Steaks in the sous vide bucket.  I started them last night and they should be done by dinner time tonight.  24 hours at 131f.  It's a tough cut, but cooked sous vide it is like the most tender cut ever.  We'll have a salad and I'll repurpose some leftover pasta from the other night.

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Trixxee - 11-15-2017

Butter chicken was awesome!  I sort of combined my friend's recipe with Sharon's.  Joanna's recipe calls for marinating the chicken in yogurt and all the spices for an hour ahead of time.

Well, I just had blood work done for the first time in MANY years and most of it looks good from what I can tell, except for my LDL.  That's horrible, bringing the whole number to 236.  I already got an email from Kaiser to schedule a phone appointment to talk about Lipitor or something along those lines.  I think for dinner we'll just have tuna salads with very little mayo and lots of lemon juice.

Regarding Kaiser - they are so great.  Yesterday I had an appt, blood work and a prescription filled - total time, 45 minutes for ALL THAT.  And within 5 hours of my blood drawn I had the results emailed to me.  They are pretty efficient.

RE: DINNER THREAD---11/13 to 11/19/2017 - Harborwitch - 11-15-2017

Trixxee that's an interesting variation on the Butter Chicken.  I do a Tandoori grilled chicken that's marinated in yogurt and Tandoori seasonings overnight.  I'm going to have to make that again one of these days. 

Way way back in time we had Kaiser and loved it!  

I don't know if you shop at Walmart but they carry Just Mayo.  It's a vegan mayonnaise that we use - not because of any health concerns but because it tastes fantastic.  I read that Best Foods has been trying to sue them for using "mayo" in their name - claiming that it isn't mayonnaise because it doesn't contain eggs.  There have been some spurious claims but we continue to remain loyal to the brand.  I know the company that the company buys their canola oil from - and know that it is non-GMO and expeller pressed.  At around $3.50 a quart it is a lot cheaper than most vegan mayos and tastes better than most other brands of mayonnaise.  Bob likes a LOT of mayo on his sandwiches so we always keep a backup jar on hand.