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Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Trixxee - 10-23-2017

Dealing with record breaking heat here - ridiculous.  Was 87 at 9:00am.

So of course I'm turning the oven on.  ;Wink Going to make a chili rellano casserole and will add some ground chorizo to it and top with a little enchilada sauce.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - losblanos1 - 10-23-2017

I read in the news that the triple digit heat would set a record for a world series game. Yikes!

Tonight I'm making coconut marinated chicken skewers w/ pineapple rice. The rice was one of Jean & Roy's favorites.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Gourmet_Mom - 10-23-2017

So glad we have moved beyond those high heats!  It's still hot, but not like July through early September.  Thank goodness for Owen, the guy we hired to run the instrument back in mid August.  I hated every day William went out in that heat!

Today was weird.  We had a rush survey that needed to get out today.  William isn't feeling great the past few days...I think it's diet related.  Example, today we didn't get lunch until after 3!  So we had fruit and cereal for dinner.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Trixxee - 10-24-2017

All kinds of records hit yesterday.  More of the same today, maybe worse - in according to my phone it was 92 at 6:00am.  

Two things can happen today - leftover chile relleno casserole OR pick up 1/2 lb smoked brisket and coleslaw from a bbq place called Dickey's.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - losblanos1 - 10-24-2017

I wonder if some of that California heat is making it's way up the coast, it was 65 here yesterday, 8 degrees above normal. Smile

Tonight I'm making Asian Pork Satays with Sticky Rice. Maryann picked this recipe a few years ago for her Birthday revue dinner. Everyone loved it!

ETA: Brisket sure sounds good. Big Grin

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Mare749 - 10-24-2017

Yes, I did, Blane. And, the other recipe that you posted was from another birthday. Smile

I posted in the wrong thread for dinner. I keep forgetting to start a new thread for the week.
Tonight is pizza night in honor of Jean! I have a delicious pizza ready for the grill with dibs and dabs from the fridge.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Gourmet_Mom - 10-24-2017

Maryann, dibs and dabs? You are so channeling Jean!

So we finally had steak night!  I froze the two chuck roasts I bought:  one will be a pot roast, the other will be used for Colorado Burritos.  And I still have two nice rib eyes for future dinners.  Big Grin

I will continue shopping at Sam's Club for proteins.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Harborwitch - 10-24-2017

Tonight's dinner is also in honor of Jean.  

Chile. Grass fed ground beef, onion, garlic, a can of stewed tomatoes (scissor diced), a can of pinto beans (Mexican brand) with their juice,  and the better part of a huge can of red chili sauce.  The left overs: some spicy hominy and refried beans from our Taco dinner the other night and some pearl rice from the stuffed cabbage.  I added some cumin, salt, and Mexican oregano.  

It's simmering now.  I have some Mexican cheese blend (Lactaid pills will be taken) and cilantro and some tortillas.  Easy peasy leftover dinner!

I have to agree about the schizophrenic weather.  We have to have the heat on in the evening and overnight . . . and by 10am I have to turn the AC on!

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - Trixxee - 10-25-2017

Pulled a large filet of mignon out of the freezer to grill and split between the two of us.  Cauliflower on the side.

RE: Dinner Thread - 10/23- 10/29 - losblanos1 - 10-25-2017

That sounds really good Sharon.

Grilling here also, Drunken Pork Kebobs with Maque Choux.