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RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 09-25-2017

We got the van towed to a Les Schwab this morning.  They drove it around, put it up and the lift and outlined what needed to be done . . . and told us to drive it home, no charge.  We'll get the work done at home.  grrrrrr a second miserable night of no sleep and we could have been home in our own bed last night!  Better safe than sorry I guess.

If you missed my facebook post, I saw my very first (hopefully only) bearded woman today!  All of the female anatomy was there in flagrant display and decorated with lots of colorful tattoos.  

We are almost to Yakima and then home to our own bed!  I commented this morning that this was the most expensive trip we never enjoyed, ever.  The best part of the trip was a detour around Teiton Resevoir - it was absolutely beautiful!  We'd never have seen that if not for this trip.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - cjs - 09-27-2017

I swear Les Schwab has to be one of the greatest companies EVER!! I can't count the number of times they have helped us out while we were on the road over the years and most times at no cost and/or staying open after closing time. Just Fantastic!!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 09-27-2017

I have to agree Jean!  They couldn't have been nicer.  We also met a bunch of really nice people who were also waiting for their vehicles.  Opie was a big hit with everyone, one lady had to bring her dogs (Maltese) in to meet him and another lady brought her tiny Chihuahua over to say hi.  I think we could have enjoyed a longer visit.  You see those Les Schwab commercials . . . they all tout the exceptional service and they are right!

The funny thing is that from the wonderful tow truck driver (he let us have Opie in Bob's lap in the cab of the tow truck instead of making him ride in the van on the flatbed which was company policy) to the drive home over White Pass and even that 25 mile detour that was the best part of the trip.  

We both seem to have a better attitude about here, we'll hunker down for the winter and look for the best option for the Spring.  Yesterday was a good day at work with Audrey (the boss).  We'll see how today goes.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 11-01-2017

Just an update!  We have been offered an amazing position at an RV park on the Central Oregon Coast.  We had hoped for the Olympic Peninsula here in WA . . . but this popped up and we are giving notice tomorrow.  

WOW!  We spent almost an hour on the phone with the owners tonight!  It sounds like a perfect fit so we are giving notice tomorrow . . . sad, but it's time to move on!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Mare749 - 11-02-2017

Oh, isn't that so exciting, Sharon?!! So happy for both of you. When do you have to pack up and move?

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 11-02-2017

We gave them the first two weeks in December. It is a permanent Management position! Our full hook up site and a paycheck! Not a lot, but if we take on the Marina and it's RV park too the pay will go up. Bob will also get paid for any hours he spends installing new power stands in the RV park. It's close the Tracie and Denise! The website is I'm really torn on leaving . . . but I feel it's time.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Gourmet_Mom - 11-02-2017

Sharon, this is so exciting!!!!  And to be near friends, too!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Mare749 - 11-02-2017

Looks like you got the best of both worlds, Sharon. Close to the ocean and a national forest in your backyard. It doesn't get better than that!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 11-03-2017

It's a done deal!  We are relocating to Walport, Oregon the first week of December!  We will be the managers of the RV park - and get to have the "bat" to go with the title.  The owner is very nice and we have lots of things in common with her and her husband.  

To put icing on the cake . . . our dear friends from here (the former restaurant manager for the last 3 years and her husband) may be coming to work camp there in May!  She's my drinking buddy!  

Now we have to get busy getting our s#it together . . . and do it in freezing cold and snow.   Confused

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Mare749 - 11-04-2017

You sound really excited, Sharon. Hope this is a nice change for both of you. Smile