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The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 09-14-2017

Well it looks like we'll be in Ocean Shores, WA mid-November!  Please excuse the long rant . . .  but I had to get it out.

After 7 years here we have had it.  There is too much bulls#it going on and I come home stressed to the max every day.  We had a new bunch of work campers this year and the owner is totally impressed with those that have the 1/2 to 3/4 million dollar rigs.  They get to move out of work camper row and into prime RV sites, drive the new(er) carts while the rest of us get the old carts that have problems.  They make their own rules and my rules.  I was called down to a meeting one morning that was not so much a meeting as an ambush.  Anything they don't like about the software the course has been using for 15 years is my fault and they certainly let me know how they felt about me.  I walked out.  
My blood pressure is higher than it should be, I;m exhausted all the time, and I don't enjoy my beading and jewelry making any more.  I've been cooking more again - I wonder if it has to do with the fact that knives are involved?  There had been so much that I had wanted to do this year down there - but the discouragement just made it impossible to continue.  

One of the new work campers got himself appointed "manager".  The first thing he did was have me redesign our "corporate image" and then he told the owner he created it.  He had me design, and get 250 copies of a 6 page corporate "package" that he was going to drive around and take to various businesses.  The printing bill, the covers and binders added up to over $500!  He gave one to someone who walked in the door the rest are still in the box he put them in. Then he drew up a business plan . . . . and my job would no longer exist.  His wife, who ruled him with a rusty pair of pliers where it counted, tried to take over the restaurant - with no experience, and pretty much drove off customers and we caught her stealing money.  He was going through a bottle of Bailey's (coffee creamer he called it) every couple of weeks.  The hits just kept coming.  That was the last straw - they were sent down the road.

The owner says she's fixing the issues - but the games continue.  She says I will always have my job, but as Joe tells me, "we're trying to take things away from you".  I have had it!

We put our resume on some of the work camper websites, and we've been watching the ads.  Several things have been near misses.  The original plan was to stay here for the winter and leave in the Spring . . . until I got an email we just couldn't resist.  Unless something drastic happens we will be leaving early in November for Ocean Shores WA to volunteer at a no kill shelter.  We'll be working as "hosts" on the cat side.  It sounds, from talking to everyone over there that this will be a lot of fun.  They are also "foodies".  We can take our BBQ, smoker, and all the rest!  I'm excited.  It feels good to have a goal, a happy destination rather than just slogging through the muck here. We will be at North Beach PAWS ( for at least 6 months.  I am so excited.  It will be different, there'll be interaction with people and cats!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - cjs - 09-14-2017

I guess it is time to get outta Dodge, Sharom!! And, Ocean Shores is a wonderful place - we love it!

All good luck and keep us posted!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Mare749 - 09-14-2017

So happy for you, Sharon. Sounds like this move has been a long time coming and wearing you down bit by bit the whole time. Hope the new place is much happier.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Trixxee - 09-14-2017

Sounds like a great move.  I love cats!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 09-14-2017

Thank you!  We are going over on the 23rd to meet everyone and look at the facilities.  It just so happens that that is the date that the founders have a huge pot luck picnic for all of the volunteers and they are going to take us with them.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Gourmet_Mom - 09-14-2017

How exciting!  I'm so happy for you and Bob, Sharon!

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Harborwitch - 09-24-2017

Wellllllll . . . . that's not going to work.  6 hour drive!  Check into our overpriced motel room and go over to meet the people at the shelter.  The people are wonderful - we met, probably 8 or 9 women who were all very nice. I can guarantee that I spend more time on hair and makeup in a day than the combination of them do in a month.  I felt overdressed and out of place!  I guess I could quit but . . . . .

It is organized chaos, a mess, and not our cup of tea.  Jobs description: carrying 40lb bags of cat litter upstairs, scooping cat boxes, mopping floors, filling out paperwork, picking up loads of dog/cat food & kitty litter, filling out paperwork, temping cats/kittens weighing their poop and how much food they eat each day & how much water they drink each day - oh and filling out more paperwork and hauling more cat litter & food around, and doing several loads of laundry every day.  With our back issues and Bob's possible hip issues I don't think this is going to work.   The closest decent shopping is well over an hour away!  I guess we are spoiled!

Bob would only have one other man on the property to commiserate with.  The RV site is beautiful . . . but  . . .  do you  believe in omens?  The van has a mechanical issue and won't make it home without repair.  We had to skip the pot luck last night while we tried to work out a way home.  Our insurance will pay for us to be towed to a repair shop . . . and we just have to hope that they can fix it so we can go home.   Bob had noticed the vibration on the way but was so excited about this job.  Now we are spending another night in the overpriced motel.  Opie is finally getting accustomed to being away from home, the Seahawks game is topping this weekend off.  I vote for a walk on the beach to at least give us some exercise and joy.

Sorry for the long story . . . I hope you can get a laugh out of it we are. Confused Cool

RE: The 7 Year Itch - cjs - 09-25-2017

Not a dream job.... good luck on the search.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Mare749 - 09-25-2017

Sorry it wasn't a good fit for you and Bob. It's a good thing you went to visit and find out. Hope that your van can be fixed and you make it home safely.

RE: The 7 Year Itch - Trixxee - 09-25-2017

Car issues - always inconvenient and expensive.   Hope the damage isn't too bad on the pocketbook.

Suddenly I don't like cats as much as I did before.  LOL!