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Using radish tops - Mare749 - 07-20-2017

Sorry if I posted this already but it's really that good. if you like vichyssoise, this is similar. You can eat it warm or cold with a few thin slices of radish for garnish. I made this in no time at all last night and had a cup of it slightly chilled (not ice cold) for lunch today. A nice change from a sandwich or a salad, although it would go great with either one for a more substantial meal.

RE: Using radish tops - cjs - 07-20-2017

hmmm, don't remember seeing it - sounds good. Copied. Thanks Maryann.

RE: Using radish tops - Harborwitch - 07-22-2017

Interesting Maryann. If I can get some decent radishes, usually the tops look like they've been chewed up.

RE: Using radish tops - Mare749 - 07-22-2017

Oh, that's a shame, Sharon. I can usually find them with beautiful greens, which is why it was bothering me to throw them away. Never knew they were edible until last year when I looked into it.