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RE: Curried Rice Mix - Harborwitch - 07-07-2017

In case you missed my edit above, this rice is amazing! I did it on the simmer cycle in the microwave - 15 minutes and done perfectly! Yum

RE: Curried Rice Mix - Mare749 - 07-07-2017

That's how I cook rice most of the time, Sharon. The instructions I use are 5 minutes on high, then 15 minutes on 50% power. I don't have a simmer button, but this works for my old, low power microwave. I really need to think about getting a new fancier model. Big Grin

RE: Curried Rice Mix - cjs - 07-08-2017

I did miss it completely - glad you liked it. Rice is another of those dishes (especially flavored) I'm sticking with 'old school.' I still cook my rice in a 350° oven for 18 min. (white rice - br. rice longer) to enjoy the wonderful aromas..... Smile That's why I still braise, also.

RE: Curried Rice Mix - Mare749 - 07-08-2017

I have never tried cooking rice in the oven, but it sounds easy enough. Do you start it with cold or boiling water?

Braising meat in my cast iron dutch oven is still my favorite method with grilling coming in second. Ron loves grilling and could do it every day, but I get tired of it by mid summer.

RE: Curried Rice Mix - Harborwitch - 07-08-2017

It was bad enough having the microwave on ahd the AC off for 15 minutes. They don't like each other on at the same time.
Using the oven function would have roasted us out.
I still love braises too.

RE: Curried Rice Mix - cjs - 07-08-2017

When I was working, the oven method was the best for huge batches of rice I had to make darn near every day, and it has just held over. I just start the dry rice in butter and/or oil (maybe a little minced onion or whatever flavoring) till it starts smelling good, then add hot liquid and bring to a boil, cover, stick in oven and let her go. Freed me up for everything else.

Sharon, having much more storage room, I always make rice ahead of time and pkg. up for the freezer. Never have to be cooking it in the heat of any day.

RE: Curried Rice Mix - Mare749 - 07-08-2017

Looking forward to trying this method!