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Cinco de Mayo is Almost Here!! - cjs - 04-30-2017

Not too many of us around, BUT to those of us who are (stalwart souls that we be!! Tongue  ), anyone doing any special dishes for the event??

Can't remember what was going on last year but I think it was the only year I have missed out on making my favorite Mexican dishes. This year will be different. My only conundrum is do I go for new dishes to try or stick with our favorites? Decisions, decisions.......... 

If Roy gets wind of this, I'll have to include Flan!! Smile

RE: Cinco de Mayo is Almost Here!! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-30-2017

Very few indeed!  I wish these visitors would join in!

Anyway, we have never observed this holiday, but I may put tacos or something on the menu this year.

RE: Cinco de Mayo is Almost Here!! - Mare749 - 05-01-2017

Daphne, it's time you joined in the fun! We love this holiday!

One little problem though....we have to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Quatro de Mayo because we are going to have company on the 5th and my sister-in-law has never eaten Mexican food and doesn't want to start now.

I already know that we will start with a cup of either chicken tortilla soup or tortilla chicken chili, minus tortillas for me. Then, we will have chicken and/or beef enchiladas made with the low carb tortillas I mentioned so that I don't go too far off the trail. I will make a side salad of shredded iceberg dressed with a dab of sour cream, guac, and salsa, which we like with Mexican food because it cools off your mouth.

RE: Cinco de Mayo is Almost Here!! - cjs - 05-01-2017

All sounds good Maryann. I need to sit down and decide a few dishes. But, I have to finish up all the daily l/os I'm collecting each day... Smile first. Heavy cream is the 'project' today.

I can't imagine a Cinco de Mayo day without lots of sunshine and the way our weather has been (well, not as bad as Mid-west and the east!) - doesn't look good.