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Sous Vide - Cubangirl - 01-23-2017

I just read this article on sous vide and thought I'd share. There have not been many nice sous vide books, but this one appears to fit the bill. Since it is indexed by Eat Your Books, you can look it up and see if there are any recipes that appeal. Best of all it is for the home cook.

RE: Sous Vide - cjs - 01-23-2017

I have no idea why, but I so much more enjoy sous vide over the IP - I just love the slow cooking and the aromas, so probably will not do much with it in the future....

Thanks for this link Alina

RE: Sous Vide - Harborwitch - 01-26-2017

That looks like a beautiful cookbook - Bob is going to start throwing a fit if I buy another cookbook!  Like Jean - we have to downsize!  Eventually!  LOL I have two that I like, but I have to say that "Modernist Cuisine made easy Sous Vide" is my favorite between them.  It's also great that he emails tips, recipes etc. and has a FB page where people can share and he contributes to the conversations. answers questions and is a very gracious young man.

I've also found that Anova's website is a great resource.  Also ChefSteps!  Their Hollandaise is BOMB!

We don't have an IP . . . geeze there's another category that we have to quit buying.