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RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 08-06-2017

It's hard to beat a tried and true. I used to love Cuisinart . . . I won't buy another product of theirs. BTW and totally off topic - I love your signature, are you a tea fan?

RE: Cuisinart recall - cjs - 08-07-2017

Oh, shoot - mine got pushed to the back of the shelf, Maryann!! Tongue

RE: Cuisinart recall - Trixxee - 08-07-2017

Replaced our with on Oster.  I also bought a  2 year warranty for $2.00.  LOL.  Amazon of course.

We use our an awful lot but still!  On average gets used 3 times a day.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 08-07-2017

I would love to get a Vitamix again . . . but I've been giving thought to a vertical rotisserie. So many fun things I could do with that.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 08-08-2017

Guess what arrived today!  I wasn't expecting it for weeks! Cool Big Grin

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 08-09-2017

Yay! Well, it's about time! Smile

A vertical rotisserie sounds fun, sort of like a Brazilian steak house. Is that what you have in mind or more like gyros?

RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 08-09-2017

I am thinking about it for a lot of things - Tacos al Pastor, Chicken, Gyros, and more.  There are lots of countries that utilize something similar.  More research is required, how much space does it take up when in use, how much storage space does it require, power requirements.

RE: Cuisinart recall - cjs - 08-09-2017

another hurdle conquered, huh, Sharon??

RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 08-11-2017

Every day Jean, every fracking day!