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RE: Cuisinart recall - labradors - 02-10-2017

I received the email last week. We'll see how long it takes.

RE: Cuisinart recall - labradors - 04-14-2017

The new blade arrived today.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 04-15-2017

I'm happy for you, Labs! Sure wish mine would show up!

RE: Cuisinart recall - cjs - 04-15-2017

What a mess this must have been for the company...

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 04-15-2017

I'm sure that it has been an absolute nightmare, which is why I'm trying to be patient about it. It will show up eventually. But, in the meantime, at least I have my old food processor to use.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 05-26-2017

It finally arrived today.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 06-02-2017

I finally got a PM on FB, I will get my blade . . . "after June"! I asked what month after June and got no answer. Maybe I should have asked what year?

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 06-03-2017

Sharon, I called the recall number a few weeks ago. Without even asking my name, I was abruptly told that my blade was in the mail and that I would have it in "a week or two." Before she could hang up on me, I quickly said that I had been this route a few times already, going back to last November, so would she please check my order again. (My first order was supposedly lost) She then said, "I'm looking right at it. You will have it in a week or two." So, I gave up and let her go figuring I could always call back "in a week or two".

It did arrive a few days later. Finally.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Harborwitch - 06-03-2017

They probably could pull up your order via your phone number. I have to admit that I wouldn't want to be on the phone lines for the recall. This was a major boondoggle for them.

RE: Cuisinart recall - cjs - 06-04-2017

They are going thru hell right now, that's for sure.