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Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - cjs - 12-26-2016

Dinner Thread - Monday, 12/26/16??

What's on the menu for today? 

Simple, comfort food today - soup of some sort. Enough eating high off the hog this past weekend for a while. Smile

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2016

Today, Ashley and I spent the day with Nana.  Southport has a shop set up in an old house right in the center of downtown, and it's called The Christmas House.  They do a LOT of business throughout the's a big favorite for the tourists.  But Mom's favorite day to shop there is the day after Christmas when everything is half price.  She treated Ashley and I to anything we wanted!

Then she took us for a late lunch at Oliver's.  William joined us there.  So since we had such a big late lunch, we have decided we will just snack tonight.

It was a very nice day.

A side note about lunch...Ashley got the Southern Burger and she ordered it medium.  It came out severely burned...almost charcoal!  I waved Mark over, the general manager.  He was so apologetic!  He personally took care of it and brought the freshly cooked burger back out to her.  He was so sweet.  He said he figured she wouldn't want regular fries since he had left her plate for her to nibble on while she waited, so he brought sweet potato fries with her new plate.  He also comped her plate.

Meanwhile, Shannon, the assistant manager, came by to visit.  When she saw Ashley's burger, she was appalled.  At the end of the meal, she came over and tried to get us all to accept a dessert of our choice on the house.  Mark and Shannon both know the owners and their partners are good friends, so I imagine somebody in the kitchen caught hell today for screwing up our order so badly.  Since the meal had caused so much distress, I didn't mention that our waiter was terrible.  But I will be sure to tell our friends how well Mark and Shannon handled the situation.  And at a later date, I will tell Shannon to keep an eye on our waiter....assuming he doesn't get fired before that.  He was that bad.

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - Mare749 - 12-27-2016

Today was a lazy day at home for us. We ate rather light today, fruit salad and picked at the delicious l/o turkey. We just were not very hungry today and will probably be having some very light meals for the rest of the week.

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - cjs - 12-27-2016

Daphne, you'll have that place in ***** shape in no time!!! Smile

Maryann, the same with us - I'm just not feeling very hungry at all............ Tongue

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - cjs - 12-27-2016

Tuesday's Dinner - 12/27/16??

What's on the menu for today? 

I hate how I contradict myself over and over. Rolleyes  After adding to Maryann's sentiment about eating light for a while, this idea came up. 

Every Christmas I get a lot of food products (and, of course, love it!). I sit down and do a search for all the different ways to use each of the goodies. Sat down yesterday and looked up all the ones I had gotten Sunday - whew, got a lot of fun ideas.

First off is a jar of Apple Jalapeno jelly - which will be great as a glaze for meats/chix, but was hoping to find something different. Have any of you heard of the 'Seattle Hot Dog'?? I hadn't, but here's a link to the history of them -

So, today we're having Seattle Hot Dogs - sweet mustard (I'm using the above jelly), crispy fried onions (onions fried in butter and a little brown sugar), and a dog/sausage all nestled in a bun schmeared with cream cheese. Can you wrap your mind around all this?? Some folks even add sautéed cabbage to the mix. Roy is going to be in pig heaven - I may manage a half a one. Hope no one gags after reading this. Big Grin

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - Mare749 - 12-27-2016

No gagging here. Wink What an interesting combination of flavors. Kind of reminds me of the first time I tried the "Turkey Lurkey" at Brueggers Bagel bakery, many years ago. It has since been replaced by the Herby Turkey and for the life of me, I can't imagine why! Anyway, it started with a warm bagel spread with cream cheese, smoked turkey, and red pepper and onion jelly (similar to the one from Harry & David). It became my favorite sandwich to order there.

Will be waiting for you review...

Dinner tonight will be shrimp etouffee from my Famous New Orleans Restaurants Cookbook.

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - cjs - 12-27-2016

"Dinner tonight will be shrimp etouffee from my Famous New Orleans Restaurants Cookbook. "

darn, sounds so good - and I just finished up my big bag of shrimp from the freezer. Sad
So does the bagel sandwich!!

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - cjs - 12-27-2016

Seattle Hot Dogs – Who Knew??? I don’t even like hot dogs, but these are out of this world good!!! Here’s a link to the history of this wonderful dog –
For the history of the Seattle Hot Dog -
Sweet mustard  (I used a Christmas present of Apple Jalapeno jelly), fried onions,  and schmeared with lots of cream cheese!! As every review I saw said and I so agree, “I should have used more cream cheese!” These dogs are so good and Bless Seattle for making me a hot dog fan. I used buns made from a knockoff recipe for Outback Steakhouse Honey Wheat Bushman Bread and Smoked Brats.
This definitely is one to play with – you’ll love it (if you are a cream cheese fan, that is)
[Image: Dec%2027%20Seattle%20Hot%20Dog_zps92aghp5z.jpg]

This knockoff bread make great dog buns -
[Image: Dec%2027%20OUtback%20Buns_zpsrn4qr6lq.jpg]
And the wine - Beringer Pinot Grigio was  great with them.

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - losblanos1 - 12-27-2016

Wow! Jean that brings back so many fond memories of Pioneer Square and Hadleys hot dog stand back in the 80's. His cart was always outside of the Central Tavern.

Bistecca steak tonight.

RE: Dinner Thread - 12/26/16 -- 1/1/17 - cjs - 12-27-2016

Did you have them with cream cheese, Blane?..